168 intermittent fasting guide

How to use 168 intermittent fasting for weight loss

A Beginners Guide to 168 intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is a growing eating trend that alternates between the period of eating and fasting. According to research, this trend is not only beneficial to your health but can also help you lose weight too.  There are different schedules you can use to get started. One popular way is the 168 intermittent fasting.

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What is 168 intermittent fasting?

168 intermittent fasting is a time-based approach to eating. It involves fasting for 16 hours a day then eating only during the remaining 8 hours. There is no limit to how many times 168 intermittent fasting can be done. The Frequency will depend entirely on you and your weight loss goals. What makes this fasting diet so popular for beginners is the fact that it is not very restrictive. You can easily adjust it to fit your lifestyle. The fact that it lasts only for 16-hours makes it a lot more bearable.


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How to get started with 168 intermittent fasting

To get started, first determine which time is best for you? Which meal are you going to skip? Breakfast or dinner? If you prefer to skip breakfast then your eating period will be between noon and 9 pm. This means your last meal will be at 8:30 pm, and your next meal will be at 12:30 the next day. Even though 16-hours seems too long, some of this fasting time will be spent sleeping.


However, if you’re a breakfast person and would prefer to skip dinner.  Have your last meal at 5. pm then with 16 hours of fasting your next meal will be at 9:00 am just in time for breakfast. With 168 intermittent fastings, you can adjust your timing to whatever time you prefer as long as you complete our 16-hours of fasting. The key to success is to create a schedule that works for you.

168 intermittent fasting schedule


168 intermittent fasting for weight loss

For many people, the goal with 168 intermittent fasting is to achieve easy weight loss. Here’s how this fasting schedule helps you lose weight;

1. Reduces the number of calories you consume

The basic premise of weight loss is that you need to eat less than your body needs to lose weight. When you’re consuming three meals a day plus snacks in between, this can be very hard to accomplish. With 16-hours of your day spent in a fasting state, there’s only so much you can eat within 8-hours. When done correctly, you will be able to cut your calories by restricting your eating hours.


168 intermittent fasting for weight loss



2. Can be sustained

One of the keys to weight loss is adopting a weight loss strategy that can be sustained long term. That is what makes 168 intermittent fastings so effective for weight loss. You can easily fit it into your lifestyle.  You don’t have to miss out on social events with friends and family. No foods are forbidden making it easier to eat what you like in moderation. You can work around, shift fasting days, and still get all the weight loss benefits. Not only that, because it is good for your health. You can make it part of your lifestyle.




3. Changes your body to boost weight loss

Several changes happen to your body when you fast often. First, it increases the level of a fat-burning hormone known as norepinephrine. Second, the insulin level is lowered making it easy to access and burn stored body fat. Lastly, levels of human growth hormone increase, this is the hormone associated with muscle growth and also aids in burning body fat. All these changes boost your body’s fat-burning efforts making it easier for you to start losing weight.


What to eat on 168 intermittent fasting schedule

Even though the 168 intermittent fasting does not restrict any foods. You want to be mindful of your diet especially if your goal is to lose weight fast. In addition, you want to eat foods that will keep you full for longer as you’re fasting for 16-hours. Your meals should always include;

Filling high protein foods


1. High protein foods

High protein foods keep you full for longer making them essential when fasting. In addition, they require more calories to break down meaning you’re body has to burn more calories just to break down these protein foods. Choose lean cuts of meat over fatty meats even though they’re both high in protein. Best protein foods include; lean cuts of meat, fatty fish, whole eggs, etc.


2. High fiber foods

What makes foods rich in fiber so good for weight loss is that they slow down the digestion of food.  This means that it will take you longer to feel hungry. Choose high fiber foods such as; chickpeas, artichoke, sweet potatoes, beans, peas, etc.


3. Nutrient-dense vegetables

A healthy plate should always include vegetables especially for those looking to lose weight. Vegetables while low in calories are extremely filling when paired with other foods. Choose filling vegetables such as kale, spinach, broccoli, etc.


4. Healthy fats

Contrary to popular belief, healthy fats do not make you fat. Because they take longer to break down compared to carbohydrates they actually help to make you feel full. This is something you want to achieve with your diet when you’re fasting for 16-hours or more. Choose healthy fats such as avocados, fatty fish, nuts, whole eggs, olive oil, etc.


Fruits to eat


5. Fruits

According to this study, the more fruits and vegetables you consume, the more weight loss you’re likely to experience. This is because most fruits are naturally high in fiber and water content making them very good for weight loss. Choose fruits such as grapefruit, apples, berries, bananas, etc.


168 intermittent fasting rules for success

1. Start Slow

Any form of fasting requires a good amount of discipline and willpower. For beginners, start with 12hours then add 1 hour every day until you hit the magic 16-hours.


2. Drink enough water

Did you know water is a natural appetite suppressant? Water is one of the best weight loss drinks available to us. It tricks your stomach into thinking you’re full. Most of the time we tend to confuse the feeling of thirst with hunger. Instead of breaking your fast at the first signs of hunger drink some water instead.

what to drink when fasting


3. What can you drink when fasting?

Liquid calories can break your fast so keep it simple with zero-calorie drinks. This means you can drink coffee and tea but with no added sweeteners or creamer. Here’s a list of drinks allowed when fasting.


4. Don’t overeat

Eat until you’re full then stop. It will be hard to control the urge to overindulge at first especially after a 16-hour fast. However, if your goal is weight loss, you have to be very mindful of your portion sizes.


6. Break your fast the right way

Your body has been in a fasting state for 16-hours. When eating, start with a light meal to “wake-up” your digestive system. Easy-to-digest foods to break a fast with include raw fruits, fermented foods, and fresh vegetable juices.




Is 168 intermittent fasting the best schedule for you?

This fasting schedule is best for you if you don’t mind fasting every day. However, if you can’t stand fasting daily, you can also experiment and try out the other intermittent fasting schedules such as;

  • Alternate day fasting
  • 5/2 fasting
  • Eat stop eat
  • Warrior diet


Final thoughts on 168 intermittent fasting

168 intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that calls for 16-hours of fasting accompanied by an 8-hour eating period. To get started, determine what hours work best for you. You’ll have to choose between either skipping breakfast or dinner to complete your 16-hours of fasting. Even though this approach does not restrict any food. Your diet plan should involve eating lots of filling protein and fiber foods paired with whole foods, vegetables, and fruits.


During your fast, only drink zero-calorie drinks such as water. Even though you can drink coffee or tea, these have to be unsweetened and without creamer to avoid breaking your fast.

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