Hi, welcome, I’m Sasha



You never really notice the weight cropping up do you? You remember yourself at 154lbs and suddenly your old clothes fit tighter. You still didn’t notice it. If you have an outspoken family, somebody probably made a comment about your weight but you just didn’t get it.



That was me, it finally hit me just how heavy I was when I just couldn’t stand taking pictures anymore.



You look in the mirror and you don’t see the difference but take a picture next to someone else and you just can’t believe that is you. My arms looked flabby, I looked liked I weighed 1000-lbs, it felt horrible.



My first instinct was admitting I have a problem, I need to lose weight.



I signed up for daily gym sessions, started meal planning, and nothing.  I thought I was watching what I eat. So why the hell am I still not losing weight?



Well, the thing I didn’t know at the time, was my body type. You see am an endomorph, the worst of the worst. Fries this week and some sausages next week and the pounds are already going up.



In short, as an endomorph, I have the slowest metabolism so I just can’t eat what I want all the time.



But this realization came 2-years later, after months and months of research, trial and error trying to find what works for me. I tried everything you could think of when it comes to weight loss.



But the answer was so simple and right in front of me.