Overweight woman with bicycle

Top 5 Best bike for overweight female


Best bikes for overweight ladies

Finding an exercise routine that’s simple, engaging, and enjoyable is no walk in the park which makes cycling an easy choice for many. According to this report by Harvard health, you can burn as much as 355-calories cycling for just 30-minutes.


Making bicycling an ideal exercise choice for weight loss.


Cycling not only offers innumerable benefits, but it’s also a super fun way to keep fit and you can do it anytime. Cycling engages the core and lower body with varied intensity to help you lose weight. improve your cardiovascular health, and increase your overall strength.


Bicycles have evolved since their invention to offer designs suited for various activities ranging from competitive cycling, leisure, and fitness. Your fitness goals are now more than ever within reach with modern bicycles designed to work the body and deliver a powerful workout for a trimmer you.


You don’t have to worry about your weight or putting too much pressure on the tires. In this article, we share with you the best bicycles to use if you’re overweight so you can always ride comfortably.


Best bikes for overweight female

In case you’re in a hurry and want a quick comparison. These are two are bikes to use as an overweight lady. They’re strong enough to withhold any weight and comfortable enough to help you meet your fitness goals;


1. Mongoose Malus Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike

2. Schwinn Meridian Adult Trike


Best bike for 400 lbs woman

1. Mongoose Malus Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike

The Mongoose line of bikes by BMX Products dates as far back as 1974. . The Mongoose Malus bike belongs to the category of fat bikes – off-road bikes equipped with large tires for traversing steep terrains, snowy mountains, and rocky hillsides. The bike sports a unique mountain look featuring a sturdy frame mounted on two thick rugged-looking tires with a clean matte finish.


The Malus Mountain Bike is built on an 18-inch frame made of aluminum. The rigid structure of the bike and oversize tires brings the bike to about 45 pounds.


The tires of the Malus bike are arguably the most prominent feature of the bike. The 26-inch frames encased by thick 4-inch rubber work in harmony with disc brakes to offer a roll-over effect over debris, loose dirt, and rocky terrains.


The imposing bike is equipped with a 7 gear shifter coupled with a stiff suspension for different levels of difficulty and maneuverability for the rider. This gear system offers a versatile riding experience from smooth rides to challenging courses that demand more and more effort as you ride the bike.


The Malus is not all bells and whistles though, the riding experience can be difficult at first since it is not easy to control the weight of the bike and stop it from veering from side to side as opposed to a lighter bike. Get the Mongoose fat bike here.


2. Schwinn Meridian Three Wheel Cruiser Bike,

Three-wheelers are not dead. The Schwinn Meridian Trike stands tall in this category with a modern revamped three-wheel design capable of handling anything thrown at it.


Wide wheels fitted with linear-pull brakes offer a smooth ride from start to stop almost intelligently. At the back, you get a decent-sized carrier for small bags, groceries, and other small items that the aluminum frame is more than capable of handling. This is the bike you want to ride around town and exploring the countryside.



When you choose to purchase the trike you get a selection of 3 different transmissions. 1- Speed shift offers uninterrupted acceleration without the need for shifting gears as you ride along.


The  3-speed option allows the rider to shift through three different selections depending on the terrain and desired level of difficulty. A 7-speed transmission gives riders 7 gears to shift through to handle all types of terrains. Get The Schwinn Meridian Trike here.


Frame and Design

The Meridian tricycle is designed for comfort and balance. At the front spots wide handlebars that join the step-through aluminum frame for easy mounting and dismounting.


Atop the rear wheels is the carriage which grounds the bike when loaded to keep the bike firmly on the riding surface. The seat of the bike is also fully adjustable using a spring system for full control of the riding position.


However, the trike poses some unique challenges for riders. The presence of a third wheel hinders leaning which can be quite dangerous when suddenly turning to avoid oncoming road users. You should practice in low-traffic areas before riding in areas with heavy traffic. Get The Schwinn Meridian Trike here.



3. Mongoose Dolomite Mountain Bike

The Dolomite fat bike from Mongoose is your ultimate off-road partner. Like the Malus, the bike looks rugged and bold on an aluminum frame and 26-inch tires. Handling is robust and compact as you move along and with a 300 dollar price tag, it is a true bargain. The bike is made for men of up to 6’’ in height so it has most men covered in the 5’; range to about 6’’2 individuals.



This Mountain bike is effectively built to go well beyond city limits. It spots big knobby all-terrain wheels that provide a cushion to your ride through the woods and outdoors. A notable feature is a high-level paintwork adorning the body to the rims of the bike. 


Handling and Transmission

The bike weighs 46 pounds which makes it slightly more challenging to ride even on flat surfaces. However, this makes it ideal for fitness enthusiasts looking to get more involvement and break a sweat through cycling. The Dolomite has a 7-speed transmission paired with a twist shifter for easy shifting of the gears while riding to suit different riding conditions.


 Like the Malus, this is a heavy bike. The wheels may handle any surface but the force required to go up a rough terrain can still pose a challenge because of the bike’s weight. Also, the nature of shipping in parts for assembly often results in already damaged parts even before assembly. Get the Mongoose dolomite mountain bike here.


4. Viribus Adult Tricycle with Removable Wheeled Basket

The magnificent low ride made out of premium steel is a true contender among the trikes. This 3 wheeler from Viribus is a modern-day carriage with its elegant 24’’ and optional 26’’ wheels reminiscent of old English carriages.


Its slim wheel design and carbon steel body deliver a smooth yet sturdy ride around the market and in the streets making it a great choice for an adult tricycle. The icing on the cake has to be the removable basket at the back of the tricycle for carrying shopping, groceries, and other items. Get the Viribus Adult Tricycle here.



Cruising around in a tricycle is markedly different from a two-wheeler. Since the bike self- balances it may take some getting used to for people who have always moved around in the classic two-wheel bicycle. However, the technique is the same so brace yourself for a truly enjoyable experience aboard the Viribus Tricycle.



This tricycle is designed for easy riding and comfort and therefore features a single-speed system so no gears or hubs. The ride goes on and on without any technical controls. It’s easy like Sunday morning. However, if the bike can easily get damaged along the way, hauling a three-wheel mini-vehicle is no mean feat. It can prove to be difficult dealing with day-to-day fixes and repairs as an owner. Get the Viribus Adult Tricycle here.

Best bikes for 300 lbs woman

1. DJ Fat Bike Electric Bicycle

. Dj Bikes is a family-owned business that has been churning out modern electrical-powered bikes since 2017. If you are wondering what an electric bike does and why you should get one, this 750W entry-level bike from Dj Bikes is one place to look.



The Power Electric Bicycle is powered by a motor and battery to aid you when pedaling. It is a fat bike as well riding on 26’’ x 4’’ wheels on double alloy rims and high-quality stainless steel spokes. 



The battery module takes about 4 hours to get to a full charge. The range is determined by factors such as drag and the overall terrain. A full charge is capable of going up to 140 km. The forks that hold the wheels are made of aluminum and this is where the suspension of the e-bike is situated. Get the DJ Fat Bike Electric Bicycle here.


The biggest problem is the additional gear including the motor and battery. Low battery level can make the ride very treacherous especially for people with knee problems since the assisted pedaling is now replaced by a heavy body fully dependent on the rider’s manual pedaling. Ebikes are also quite costly with most entry-level bikes starting at around $1300. 


However, it’s not all gloom as the riding experience of an electric bike is leaps and bounds beyond conventional bikes. You get assisted pedaling in challenging uphill terrains and the overall ride is virtually seamless. Get the DJ Fat Bike Electric Bicycle here.

2. 7 Speed Adult Trikes

Adult trikes are 3 wheel cruiser bikes. They are available in a range of base wheels from 20’’, 24’’ and the larger 26’’



The tricycle is made from iron making it strong enough to support up to 350 pounds of weight i.e. the rider and the cargo that can be carried in the basket. Three wheels offer stability and a strong foundation even when carrying its maximum weight.


This DoCred three-wheeler is made to be ridden by anyone for any occasion. An evening ride when the sun is down, picking up a few things for the garden, or a casual visit to sights around town. The tricycle ensures you’re always ready to move with you from dawn to dusk. 


The downside of the tricycle lies in the assembly process since the bike is shipped to be assembled upon purchase. It can be a long and tedious process and paying someone to do it is simply an unnecessary additional charge.


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