best exercise for weight loss

Best exercise for weight loss: everything you need to know

What is the best exercise for weight loss?

When you’re trying to lose weight,  adjusting your diet and eating the right foods for some people isn’t enough. Adapting some sort of daily exercise can help you lose weight faster as you’re burning more fat. The good thing about exercise is the more you weigh, the more you’ll lose once you begin. The best exercise for weight loss should involve both cardio and weight training.


While cardio exercises can help you burn fat fast, weight training exercises will help you build and maintain muscles. Both are important factors to consider when you’re exercising to lose weight. In this article, we discuss various forms of these exercises. Also, we focus on how long should you exercise and what to expect when you exercise.

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The best exercise for weight loss

1. Jogging or running

Whether you love it or hate it, jogging or running is a great form of exercise for weight loss. You are likely to burn the most calories per minute compared to all other forms of cardio exercises we are going to talk about. According to this study, a person who weighs 155-pounds jogging at 5mph for 30-minutes will lose 298 calories. The good thing is, the heavier you are the more you’ll lose as someone weighing 185-pounds jogging at the same pace and duration will lose 355 calories


In addition to weight loss, running and jogging can also help you lose harmful belly fat. To get started you want to start slowly and increase your pace as you go. You can use fitness trackers to check your speed and duration. For older adults or those with knee issues, it is advisable to start on soft level ground to avoid discomfort. To use this exercise for weight loss, aim to do it at least 5- 6 times for at least 30-minutes each


Cycling exercise for weight loss


2. Cycling

Put on your helmet and get ready to torch those fats. Did you know that cycling burns 298 calories for someone who weighs just 155-pounds? Yes when done outdoors, but if you can’t imagine the challenge of doing it outdoors then opt for a  stationary bike at the gym (1).


You will still be able to burn some 260 calories if you weight 155-pounds and more calories if you weigh more. Whether done outdoors or indoors cycling offers a great alternative for those who don’t like running or walking.  In addition, it’s a great way for those with joint issues to exercise without fear of injury. To burn the most fat as your cycling, aim to keep your pace moderate and change your intervals on alternating days.

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3. Swimming

Can swimming really count as an exercise for weight loss? Surprisingly. this fun activity is one of the best ways to burn some serious fat. What you get with swimming is a low-impact activity that’s just as effective but won’t hurt your joints, hips or feet. It’s a full-body workout that will tone your upper body, core, and lower body.


With a variety of styles, the more intense it gets, the more calories you burn. If you opt for backstroke you’ll burn 298-calories in 30 minutes, breaststroke will torch 372- calories, and butterfly results in 409-calories burnt. It’s also good to remember even with swimming, the more you weigh, the more you’ll lose.


Styles such as butterfly and breaststroke will tone your arms, chest, and shoulders while backstroke will work on your abs, back, and quads. To reap the benefits, you want to change your speed often and use the right breathing technique.

Rowing machine


4. Rowing machine

Do you want safety and comfort when you’re getting started with exercises for weight loss? That’s exactly what a rowing machine offers, there’s no embarrassment, unlike running where you cant push yourself past a few blocks. With rowing, your indoors and there is very low impact to your joints. Because it’s done indoors, you can go to the gym or get your own personal machine at home.


This is a great way for those who are overweight to get into exercising. This exercise offers a full-body workout that will help you burn fat fast. When done moderately, you’ll be looking at 260-calories burnt in under 30-minutes and more if you weigh more (2).


To lose weight, you want to make sure your form is right, you’re sitting tall with your core in proper form. Mix up your strokes, go hard with several sets and then slow down to recover. You can mix these up with moderate consistent rows.




5. Walking

This is free for all, no cost incurred the best exercise for weight loss especially for beginners. Walking is a great way to burn calories and relieve stress daily. You can get started any day and if you don’t love running, this is a great way to exercise and still lose weight.


To gets started with walking always choose the right shoes and do it before having breakfast if you can. To make it effective, you need to vary your pace and change your terrain often. If you can, walk uphill you will torch more calories in addition to adding power walks to your routine.


You can also use other tips such as carrying hand weights or wearing a weighted vest to challenge yourself more and burn more calories on your walks. It is important to remember the more steps the better.

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ashtanga yoga


6. Yoga

For most people, yoga is closely associated with spirituality and flexibility. But yoga can also serve as a great exercise for weight loss. In addition, people who practice develop a better sense of mindfulness that can help you avoid overeating and control cravings. As for exercise, yoga forms such as vinyasa, power yoga and ashtanga requires you to engage physically and can help you burn calories.


Also, yoga is a great way to relieve stress, a contributing factor that can cause people to gain weight. Regular yoga practice is a great way to burn calories and relax.

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7. Weight training

For most people choosing the best exercise for weight loss, the only consideration is the number of calories burnt per session. A fair assessment? Not really and that’s why most people overlook weight training as an exercise for weight loss. You see with weight training you don’t burn as much but because you’re building muscle you’ll burn much more at rest. Unlike cardio exercises where you burn the most during the workout, with weight training your body is in fat-burning mode even after the workout. Not only that, weight training is a great way to shape and tone your body as you lose weight. However, to make it effective, you need to vary your intensity and choose an exercise that works out different muscle groups. Combine upper body and core exercises etc.




8. Interval training

Are you short on time but still need to exercise for weight loss? Interval training is your best bet. Also known as high-intensity interval training, this refers to sets of intense exercise done with periods of recovery. You can incorporate interval training in almost all forms of exercise for weight loss. If you prefer to run, with interval training, you will run at almost full speed for 15 seconds followed by recovery slow walk for 45-minutes. Do this for 15-minutes If you prefer to cycle, you can do the same, cycle hard for 30 seconds and then pedal slowly as you recovery for 3-minutes.


Incorporating HIIT in your exercises is the best way to maximize your exercise for weight loss. Now that you know which exercises to focus on, you also need to consider how long you should exercise. What expectations should you set for yourself when it comes to losing weight.

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Daily exercise

How much exercise should you do for weight loss?

When you’re trying to lose weight fast, exercising can be a great way to burn off extra calories. However, if you overdo it, you end up overeating and it counters all your efforts. On the other hand, if you do too little, you won’t burn off much fat and you won’t lose weight.


So how much exercise should you do if you want to lose weight? Well according to this study done on exercising for weight loss, you need to commit 150 – 250 minutes of exercise weekly to lose weight. However, if your goal is to lose weight fast or lose the most weight, then at least 250-minutes of exercise per week. How you are going to meet this requirement is totally up to you and your schedule.


If you’re someone who prefers moderate exercises such as walking then you need to do 60- 90minutes of exercise daily to lose weight. For those who prefer high-intensity exercises, you only need 30-minutes of exercise daily. Working with this guideline in mind, you can create a weekly workout plan to use. If you want to lose weight fast, aim for at least 250-minutes weekly, if your goal is just to lose some weight, aim for at least 150-minutes weekly.




How much weight will you lose with exercise?

You have been putting in the hours every week and it’s now time to check for results. What should you expect to see after your first week of exercising? Well, most expert recommend that you aim to lose at least 1% of your total weight or about 0.5 – 1.36kgs ( 1- 3 pounds ) However, you should be aware that certain factors can influence these results. These include;


  • Current weight

Those who weigh more, tend to lose more weight when they start exercising. However, even though the number might be higher, if you compare the percentage of body weight lost, it will be similar for most people.


are you eating to lose weight


  • Diet

Exercise is just one part of the equation when it comes to weight loss. If you exercise daily but you’re still eating the wrong foods or overeating, you’re just adding back all the calories you burnt exercising.


  • Age

When you have more fat than muscle as is the case with older people, you tend to burn fewer calories even at rest. This makes it harder for older people to lose weight.


  • Gender

Women have a higher body fat percentage compared to men for biological reasons. This means it’s harder for women to lose weight compared to men even while maintaining the same diet. With the right exercises done and expectations set. Some people might find that they’re not losing weight at all. Week after week no change and this can be really discouraging. But before you give up, here are a few things to consider.


Why you’re not losing weight with exercise

1. Are you eating for weight loss

If you’re hitting your weekly 250-minutes of exercise and not losing weight, the first culprit is always the wrong diet. You see many of us tend to overly overestimate just how many calories we burnt working out and forget to pay attention to our diet. The first thing is to check what you’re currently eating. How many calories are you eating? What foods do you eat throughout the day? Are you overeating?


This should be the first thing you consider when you’re not losing weight. Also, if you’re still binging on junk foods or sugar-filled energy drinks, start by getting rid of these unhealthy foods. For some people, this might mean tracking for a week or two until they learn how to eat for weight loss.


2. Are you eating enough protein

Did you know that the daily recommended protein intake for adults if 56g and 46g for men and women respectively? This number gets even higher for those using high protein diets for weight loss.


Protein is one of the best macronutrients to include in all your meals when you’re trying to lose weight fast. It keeps you full for longer, helps reduce cravings, and reduces the number of calories you eat all day. In addition, protein-rich foods prevent muscle loss that occurs as you lose weight in the process and also increases your metabolism.


Are you exercising enough


3. Are you exercising enough

The American College of sports medicine recommends that you do at least 150-minutes of exercise to lose weight or 250-minutes of exercise weekly for fast weight loss. Is your weekly workout plan meeting this requirement? In addition, how is your intensity when you exercise? You want to strive for a moderate pace or high-intensity interval training for the best results. You should feel a change in your breath, your breathing harder but not gasping.


4. Are you lifting weights

Contrary to popular fears, lifting weights won’t make you a bodybuilder overnight. That will take you some years of dedication and hard work. However, when you’re trying to lose weight fast, weight training is a great way to build and maintain muscle. You see as you lose weight, you lose both muscle and fat. When you engage in strength training exercises, you’re preventing this muscle loss. In addiiton, building muscle will help you increase metabolism and burn more calories even at rest.


5. Are you doing cardio

Cardio exercises are exercises that work to increase your heart rate, making your body burn more fat for energy to keep up with the new demand. These are exercises such as swimming, jogging and running. Cardio exercises are one of the best ways to burn fat fast for weight loss. If you prefer other forms of exercise, you can easily incorporate cardio at the end of your workout sessions for at least 15- 30minutes.


6. Are you drinking too much alcohol

When you’re trying to lose weight, you’re better of drinking one glass of wine daily than binge-drinking over the weekends. Some alcoholic drinks such as beer, cocktails tend to be very high in calories and often make you overeat. A situation that will undo all the benefits of the hard hours you’ve put in exercising. Also, consider switching to alcoholic drinks such as spirits such as vodka as they’re very low in calories.

Are you taking weekends off


7. Are you taking weekends off

Do you find yourself eating and exercising right and then comes the weekend and you throw everything out the window? Well, that might be the reason you’re not losing weight. While a cheat meal here and there won’t harm your weight loss efforts, eating junk foods and comfort foods all weekend-long will. What’s more, burning off those extra calories can take several steps back. To burn off a 1/4 slice of pizza with 443-calories you will need to run for 43-minutes. So it’s much better to practice some discipline than put in extra hours to exercise.




Conclusion on best exercises for weight loss

Adapting any form of exercise for weight loss is a great way to burn extra calories and relieve stress. The most effective weight loss exercises include both cardio and strength training. To get the best results from these exercises, you want to put in at least 150 – 250 minutes of exercise weekly. You can do it daily or every other day depending on your schedule. This is the best way to boost weight loss with these exercises.

Best exercises you can do lose weight fast