best fruits for weight loss

10 Best fruits to eat for weight loss

Eat these fruits for easy weight loss

We know that eating fruits is recommended for a healthy diet. Many experts recommended that you eat at least 5-servings of fruit per day. However, according to research, 1 in 10 American adults failed to meet this recommendation. As more and more people struggle to eat healthier and lose weight. The questions of fruits and weight loss come to mind. Is there such as a thing as best fruits for weight loss? Should you eat some fruits and avoid others to help you lose weight. To fully understand the impact of fruits we have to look at how fruit impacts weight?

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How fruits help with weight loss


1. It keeps you full

Fruits are naturally very low in calories yet very filling. This is mostly due to their high water and fiber content. Both of which make them ideal weight loss foods. This was was proven in a recent study on female participants where increased fiber intake led to a reduced risk of weight gain. Not only that, the high water content means that you can eat more, reduce hunger, and feel fuller without having to worry about calories. It is for these reasons that apples and oranges are ranked high in the satiety index. Adding whole fruits in your diet will help reduce calorie intake as they keep you full for longer


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2. Fruit intake and weight loss

Is there a link between increased fruit intake and weight loss? Yes, and that’s been proven in this study done over 24-years following 133,468 participants. This study revealed that the more fruits and vegetables were consumed by participants the greater the weight loss experienced. Fruits such as berries and apples seemed to have the most impact on weight loss. What’s more, a 2010 study done on obese participants revealed the same thing, increasing fruit intake led to greater weight loss.

Fruit intake and weight loss



10-Best fruits for weight loss


1. Grapefruit

Perhaps the only fruit that has a diet about it, grapefruit is one of the most popular weight loss fruits and the basis of the grapefruit diet. Its fat-burning effects have even been researched and studied. In one 12-week study by Dr. Ken Fujioka, participants either had to drink grape juice or eat grapefruit with a daily meal. Those who ate half a grapefruit lose 3.6pounds while those who drank lose 3.3 pounds. What’s so amazing about this study was that the addition of the grapefruit was the only dietary change that the participants made. Also, a recent review showed that consuming grapefruit can help you reduce waist circumference, body fat, and even blood pressure.

How to enjoy grapefruit


Add it to your diet by;

  • Eat it as it is after your meal
  • Add it to your salads
  • Juice it
  • Grill it to bring out the flavor and sweetness.


2. Apples

Sweet, crunchy, and good for weight loss. What makes apples so remarkable for weight loss is their high fiber content and low calories. One large apple contains at least 5.4 g of fiber with only 116-calories. However, as a weight-loss fruit, you want to eat it whole rather than juiced. This was determined by this study on the effects of food form on appetite. Besides, this weight loss study also shows overweight women who ate at least 3-apples daily experienced greater weight loss. Opt for the pink lady variety for the most benefits.

Add it to your diet by;

  • Enjoy it as dessert after meals
  • Chop it up and add it to your morning oatmeal
  • Add it to your greens and salads
  • Add it to your greek yogurt for a filling healthy snack



3. Blueberries

Tiny but might, blueberries are often considered a superfood, and for good reason. These sweet berries are made up of 85% water but just a 1-cup serving provides you with 4g of fiber, 24% of the daily recommended vitamin C, 25% manganese, and 36% vitamin-K. And as it turns out, they can also help you lose weight. Blueberries are rich in polyphenols, a powerful antioxidant that prevent the formation of fat cells. Moreover, a recent study done by the University of Michigan shows that these blueberries can also help you reduce belly fat.

Add it to your diet by;

  • Add it to your greek yogurt
  • Add it to your overnight oats
  • Toss it into your salad for some sweetness
  • Fold it into your pancakes
  • Enjoy it whole as a healthy snack


4. Pears

Even though often overlooked, pears make for the perfect substitute for apples. Not only are they just as sweet and crunchy but they can help you lose weight. This is mostly due to its high water and fiber content. One large Asian pear contains 9.9 grams of fiber and is made up of about 84% water. We know that dietary fiber is good for weight loss as it keeps you full for longer by slow down the digestion of food. What’s more, pears contain pectin, a natural acid that boosts gut health.



Add it to your diet by;

  • Eat it as a crunchy snack
  • Add some into your salads for some crunch
  • Add it to your breakfast oatmeal


5. Strawberries

These delicious red berries can help you lose weight. 1-cup of strawberries contains only 49-calories while providing you with 109% of the recommended intake of Vitamin C. As a weight loss fruit, strawberries are low in sugar. In addiiton, they also contain ellagic acid and anthocyanins. Anthocyanin is a natural flavonoid that increases the production of the hormone adiponectin which works to suppress appetite while boosting your metabolism.


Second, ellagic acid slows done digestion of high-carb starchy food helping to control blood sugar levels. A key factor in helping you maintain a healthy weight. Add it to your diet by;

  • Add them to your greek yogurt
  • Throw in some chopped strawberries to brighten a dull salad
  • Add them to your weight loss shakes
  • Eat them up with your morning pancakes
  • Add them to your chia pudding snack.

oranges- best fruits for weight loss


6. Oranges

Oranges aren’t just good for Vitamin C, they can also help you lose weight. What makes this fruit so good for weight loss is its high water and fiber content. 1-large orange is made up of about 87% water and contains 4.4 g of fiber. This means you can eat several to curb your hunger without having to worry about calories. Seriously,  it’s just 86-calories per orange.


Did you know oranges are twice as filling as your favorite muesli bar? Yes, before you take a bit of that sugar-filled bar, opt for some fresh oranges instead. Just like apples, eat oranges whole rather than juicing to get the most out of it. Add it to your diet by;

  • Enjoy it whole as a healthy snack
  • Add it to your chia-yogurt parfait
  • Add chopped slices to your overnight oats



7. Bananas

Contrary to popular belief, bananas are not fattening. They can help you lose weight. They can be used to help control blood sugar and weight especially for those struggling with Type-2 diabetes. Besides, 1-large banana contains 3.5g of fiber. Fiber foods are good for weight loss as they keep you full. They’re also a good source of potassium, manganese, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin C.

How to enjoy bananas for weight loss


Add it to your diet by;

  • Add it to your overnight oats
  • Enjoy it as a healthy snack with some peanut butter
  • Add it to your greek yogurt for some sweetness
  • Mix it with other fruits on this list for a delicious fruit salad


8. Melons

Sweet and refreshing. You’d be forgiven to think melons can’t be eaten when you’re trying to lose weight. They can and they will help you lose weight too. This was recently proven in a 12-weeks study on mice. Mice that were fed watermelon extracts were able to lose more weight and fat compared to those that didn’t. However, due to its high sugar content, you do need to practice some portion control

Add it to your diet by;

  • Enjoy it as dessert after a meal.
  • Add some chopped slices to the water.
  • Add it to your salad.
  • Enjoy it with some mozzarella cheese.



9. Avocados

Creamy, delicious, and nutritious. Avocados are one of the most popular food sources of healthy fats that experts recommend should be in your diet. Yes, even when you’re trying to lose weight, don’t let the calories full you. With just 1/2 avocado, you’re getting 6.5g of fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin E,  and Vitamin K. Not to forget folate, potassium, and Vitamin B6.


What makes this fruit good for weight loss, is that it’s full of dietary fiber. This means you’re going to feel fuller faster and for longer. Besides, research on American adults reveals that those who eat avocados tend to have healthier eating habits and lower weights. However, you still have to watch your portions, stick to half an avocado daily. Add it to your diet by;

  • Enjoy it plain with some salt
  • Bake it with some eggs
  • Add it to your breakfast toast
  • Add it to your salads
  • Enjoy it with your meals
  • Add it to hummus for a yummy snack.

Tart cherries


10.  Tart cherries

If you can look past the bitterness, then tart cherries can help you lose weight. Just like other weight loss fruits, they’re also full of nutrients that will boost your health. Just a 1-cup serving of these sour cherries will provide you with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, manganese, potassium, and 5-grams of fiber. Animal studies show tart cherries have been shown to help boost metabolism, aid weight loss, and even reduce belly fat. This is in addition to lowering cholesterol levels.


What’s more, drinking tart cherry juice has been shown to reduce muscle soreness and improve strength when it comes to physical activity. This is particularly useful if you’re trying to engage in intense weight loss exercises. In one study conducted on marathon runners, those who drank tart cherry juice for days leading up to the marathon experienced less muscle soreness and also recovered faster. How to enjoy tart cherries for weight loss

  • Blend it up into a juice
  • Add it to your smoothies

Fruits you should avoid for weight loss


Fruits you should avoid for weight loss

It’s also important to keep in mind the fruits you should avoid when trying to lose weight. This includes fruits such as;


1. Topical fruits

Topical fruits such as mangoes and pineapples should be avoided when trying to lose weight as they’re very high in sugar.


2. Dried fruits

Whether it’s dried blueberries or strawberries, as long as it’s dried you want to avoid them. This is because dried fruits have water removed meaning that they’re very high in sugars too. What’s more, you’ll end up eating much more just to feel full. A bad combination when you’re trying to lose weight.


Which fruits burn belly fat?

When it comes to burning belly fat, fruits such as blueberries and tart cherries are best.


Tips to use when eating fruits for weight loss

1. How much should you have?

Because you’re trying to lose weight, you have to watch your fruit portions. Don’t overdo it just because these fruits are good for weight loss. Consider 1-cup of chopped fruits as one serving. Whole fruits such as; oranges and apples that fit into your hand as one-serving.

Frozen fruits


2. Frozen fruits are okay

It’s always advisable to get your fruits as fresh as possible, however, if that’ not possible, frozen fruit will do just as good.


3. Throw away the dried fruit

Dried fruits are not an option for weight loss. They’re very high in sugar and you’ll end up eating more than you should. Always opt for fresh or frozen but never dried.


Best fruits for weight loss final thoughts

When you’re trying to lose weight, you have to choose your fruits wisely. the best fruits for weight loss are always high in fiber and low in sugar making them the best choice. These fruits can help you curb sweet cravings thus making your weight loss journey easier. Also, these fruits help you lose weight as they help curb hunger and keep you full for longer.


The best fruits for weight loss include apples, pears, blueberries, tart cherries, avocados, oranges, watermelons, strawberries, bananas, and grapefruit. You can add these fruits to your diet by enjoying them whole, enjoying them as healthy snacks, or adding them to other foods such as greek yogurt and oatmeal.

10 best fruits to eat for weight loss