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The 10 Best Green Tea To Buy

Green tea is a popular drink that has been consumed for centuries in Asia and is now recognized all over the world. It has been hailed as the healthiest drink in the world as it’s full of anti-oxidants and nutrients.

If you want to enjoy these benefits, choosing the best green tea is the first step. There are different types of green teas and all produced by different companies.

So how exactly, do you choose the best green tea? To get you started we compare prices, brands, reviews, and types of green tea. But first let’s  talk about the types of green tea;

Tea Bags vs Loose Leaf

Always opt for loose-leaf or green tea powders as they’re made from the whole leaves hence contain more benefits. Even though the tea bags are just as good they’re not as powerful

types of green tea

Types of green tea

  • Sencha

A traditional Japanese tea. This is the most popular green tea and is often served in restaurants. The tea has a somewhat grassy flavor with hints of pine and melon

  • Genmaicha 

This tea is a blend of rice kernels and Japanese green tea. It has a rich toasty flavor that is easily enjoyable

  • Gyokuro

What sets this apart from other Japanese teas, is it is shade-grown a few weeks just before harvesting. The tea has a deep green color with flavorful seaweed-like taste.

  • Gunpowder

For this tea, leaves are rolled into little ball resembling gunpowder pellets. The tea has a bold smoky taste and stays fresh longest amongst all.

Matcha green tea

  • Matcha

Matcha literally translated to “powdered tea”. This Japanese tea is made by grinding whole leaves into a fine powder. Just like gyokuro, the leaves used are also shade-grown.

Matcha has a bittersweet taste. Higher quality matcha will taste sweeter. While lower quality matcha will taste bitter.

  • Dragonwell 

Also known as Longjing. This is the most popular Chinese green tea. This tea ranges in quality with the highest quality commanding very expensive prices.

The good news is good quality is still available at affordable prices

The tea has a refreshing chestnut taste and is quite popular as iced or hot tea. When choosing, look for short and round leaves with pale green/light yellow color.

  • Jasmine flavored 

This rich flavourful tea is a blend of roasted green tea leaves combined with jasmine flowers. This tea has a sweet floral flavor. Perfect for beginners

Bigelow constant comment

The best green tea brands

1. Bigelow Constant Comment Tea Bags

Bigelow has been in the business of dried teas since the 194o’s. They make over 50 varieties of black, green and herbal teas. The company blends it’s green tea leaves with rinds of orange and sweet spice.

Consequently, what you get is an aromatic tea.

We’d recommend this for someone new to the world of green teas and is a bit skeptical about the taste. You don’t get a pure green tea taste as it’s mixed with natural flavors.

The tea bags are individually wrapped in pouches to preserve freshness.

Bigelow also provides the tea in other flavors such as mint, and pomegranate. Constant comment has about two thousand reviews, with most people happy about the purchase.

The only negative about Bigelow teas is that they only have tea bags and no loose leafs options.

Twinnings gunpowder

2. Twinning gunpowder 

Twinning is a British tea marker that has been in the industry since 1700. They’re one of the best options for organic and inexpensive teas. The company has its green tea in loose leaf gunpowder.

This is a major plus as this is the best way to get the most out of your green tea. These tiny tightly rolled pellets unravel once you steep it in water and give off a rich fresh aroma.

As the tea has no artificial flavor added to it, it has a full-body lingering taste. The company also has a tea bag option you can check here. They also carry jasmine tea bags check here

With over 8,000 reviews, you can trust that you are getting good green tea.

Loose leaf pearls

3. Tealyra – Imperial Jasmine Dragon Pearls – Loose Leaf

Tealyra is a Canadian based company that specializes in teas and tea accessories. Their loose leaf tea comes in a unique shape of pearls. The pearls are fascinating to watch as they unfurl into big leaves with a rich floral jasmine aroma

The tea is better than any other jasmine green tea you’ll find in your local supermarket. The taste is a sweet floral flavor that is light on your mouth. A good quality cup of tea with relaxing and stress-reducing benefits of jasmine.

Ideally, you need strainer or infuser for loose leaf teas but the pearls tend to drop down to the bottom. The brand has over one thousand positive reviews.

matcha latte tea

4. Jade Leaf Matcha Green Tea Powder

Jada leaf is a California based company that specializes in Japanese Matcha. Their matcha is not only USDA organic certified but also sourced directly from Japan.

Matcha is one of the best ways to ease yourself into green tea as it can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. You can add your matcha to smoothies, cookies, lattes, and other recipes.

For your matcha tea, you need to form a little bit of paste first then gradually add in water so that you don’t end up with the powder residue. Traditionally, for matcha tea, you need a Japanese bamboo whisk.

However, you can still use your milk frother to dispense the powder.

5. Davidson gunpowder

Davidsons is a certified organic, fair-trade company based in Nevada. The company specializes in teas, herbs, cocoa, and spices. This is a great option if you’re looking to purchase in bulk.

Here you get a certified organic 1-pound bag of loose leaf tea.

However, the teas are not as tightly rolled compared to other brands. Some reviews complained of stems in their mix. But that is expected with bulk teas. The tea is described as aromatic with a floral taste.

They do recommend a steeping time of 1-2 minutes with water under boiling point

drinking tea

6. Harney and sons

Harney and sons is a new york-based tea company. It specializes in high-quality loose-leaf and herbal teas since 1980. Their Japanese sencha tea comes in tea bags that they recommend you steep for 1-  3 minutes

The tea has a delicate flavor with no bitterness. The company also has flavors in coconut, ginger, and vanilla.

Our top pick

Depending on your taste, there is something for everyone on this list. However, our top pick has to be the Tealyra Jasmine Dragon Pearls.

We particularly like the fact that it is not flavored with an artificial flavor but real jasmine blossoms. The fact that its loose-leaf rather than tea bag gives it a plus. The tea is great for beginners and experts alike.

tea pot

How to properly brew green tea

Green tea should not be boiled

For a perfect cup of green tea, water temperature is a crucial factor that you need to consider. If your water is too hot, you end up with a bitter cup. If your water is cold, you’ll miss out on the flavor.

So how do you achieve the best temperature? You can use a thermometer to get it right. As a rule of thumb, you want to aim for temperatures between 140°F – 185°F.

If you don’t have a thermometer, heat your water to boiling then let it cool for a few minutes.

How long should you steep it?

Japanese teas will do best at 1 – 2 min while Chinese teas will do best at 2- 3 minutes. For best result, balance your steeping time with the temperature of the water. Low temperatures will require more time. Higher temperatures will require less time.


To fully enjoy the benefits of green tea such as weight loss, it is important that you choose the best quality green tea available. Even though tea bags are convenient and most popular, loose leaf teas are the best.

If you’re unsure of taste, start by trying out jasmine flavored green teas. This is a great way to ease yourself into the world of green teas.

Do you enjoy green teas? Leave a comment and let us know.

Best green tea