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Top 5 Best mini stepper machines


Best stepper machine for home

Mini steppers are cardio exercise machines with 2-independent pedals that move up or down or sideways.  Many models come with resistance training bands to use for a full-body workout.


With mini steppers, you get to stay active and get all your 10k or more steps done easily. They’re almost similar to elliptical trainers but much smaller in size.


When exercising on a mini stepper you’re not only burning calories but you’re also improving your cardio health. Your breathing harder, and your heart rate is elevated. Your heart is pumping more blood as your body struggles to get more air in. Which in turn strengthens your muscles and lungs.


Besides the repetitive motion of pedaling make it a good way to relieve stress after a long day at work.


Their compact design makes them an ideal alternative for those who want to save on space.  They’re also very easy to move around. You can exercise in your bedroom, or living room.


This portability makes maintaining a regular exercise with a mini-stepper a fun activity. Hop on and off throughout the day as they don’t involve a lot of mechanics to get started.


In this post, we share with you the best mini stepper machine. These are compact, affordable, and provide a great cardio workout at home.


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Best mini stepper machine

Sportsroyals Stair Stepper for Exercises


  • 330 lbs weight capacity.
  • Hydraulic Drive System.
  • Removable resistance bands.
  • Oversized pedals.
  • LED monitor.
  • Space-saving.


Sportsroyals Stair Stepper is the at-home machine to use for light cardio workouts. Its space-saving design makes it a great compromise for those who want an elliptical trainer but don’t have extra space or room to spare.


It’s small enough to tuck away after use yet solid enough to support high-weight capacity users.


It comes fully assembled. All you need to do is attach the resistance bands, the small display monitor and it’s ready to be used.


This stepper uses a hydraulic cylinder to provide resistance. The gentle twisting motion feels like you’re walking uphill. A moderate hill but challenging enough to get your heart pumping.


The machine is best used in 20-minutes intervals as the hydraulic cylinder needs some resting time.


It’s surprisingly quiet when in use. There is some tapping noise produced as the step touches the frame, even so, it’s barely audible. No screeching or squeaking that you’d hear with other machines such as treadmills.


You can comfortably use it in an apartment building.


Use this stepper and get your 10k steps done indoor in winter times when you can’t go outside or if you find yourself seated all day with minimal activity.


It does look easy, but don’t underestimate it. You’ll get quite the workout with this stepper especially when used with the resistance band. The bands are removable and can be pulled in different directions. A good way to work out your arms shoulders, back, and chest muscles.


Besides, they provide good support as you have something to hold onto when getting started.


Oversized pedals are large enough to accommodate users of different shoe fits. Even those wearing a shoe size 13 or larger can comfortably use this mini stepper. The surface of the pedals is textured and provides a good grip that keeps you secure.


The small display monitor helps keeps track of your time, calories, and distance covered.



  • The resistance level is not adjustable


Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands


  • 220 lbs weight capacity.
  • Hydraulic drive system.
  • Removable training bands.
  • Digital monitor.
  • Height adjustment.
  • Large non-slip pedals.


With this Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper, what you get is a home cardio machine with a small footprint built for easy exercises. For what it offers, you really can’t beat the price of this stepper


This stepper comes pre-assembled and there isn’t much to do before use.  Check and ensure that the pully line is where it’s supposed to be behind the wheel. Tighten the tension knob to your desired difficulty and it’s ready.


Even so, the user manual is well-written and clear on how to maintain and use it.


This machine uses hydraulic resistance that you can adjust to your liking with the tension knob. 10-minutes on the machine will be challenging enough for most people. The force of your body weight is what moves the pedals up and down. It feels just like climbing starts, we all know what a workout that can be.


The resistance bands are optional and the length is adjustable. The material feels more like bungee cords, strong enough for upper body exercises as you pedal.


The machine is quiet, you can hear some sound as air is pushed out the cylinder but it’s not distracting. Exercise even with sleeping babies and they’ll sleep right through it. You can even watch TV as well.


Despite its simple design, this machine provides a good workout that will get your heart rate up and burn some calories. You will feel the burn on your thighs and glute muscles.


Pedals are large and wide enough to fit most shoe sizes comfortably. The small digital counter keeps track of your time, reps/min, calories, and total count.


It’s is designed to be used standing up, it doesn’t work well seated like an under-desk elliptical would. This mini stepper does require some getting used to as you learn how to maintain your balance but it gets easier with every use.



  • The incline is not adjustable


Nordic Lifting Mini Stepper


  • 330 lbs weight capacity.
  • 3-pairs of resistance bands.
  • Full-body workout.
  • Space-saving design.


This Nordic Mini Stepper is a solid piece of cardio equipment well-designed for at-home workouts. It’s a great choice for those who wish to exercise in short intervals with very limited space.


It arrives very well-packaged and preassembled. All you have to do is attach the resistance bands and it’s ready for use. Also included in the package are a non-slip floor mat, tools, lubricating oil for maintenance, and an exercise guidebook.


It’s lightweight enough to move around yet sturdy and solid enough to use without any wobbling, rocking, or tipping.


It comes with 3-different pairs of bands for the ultimate full-body workout. The pairs are all in different heights and weights with the longest at 15lbs, middle at 20lbs, and the shortest at 25lbs of resistance.


Switch out these bands to increase or reduce the intensity of your workout.


The motion of the stepper isn’t loud or distracting. Watch your favorite shows as you exercise without the need to adjust the volume.


The built-in monitor helps keeps good track of your distance, time, and calories.



  • The pedal is not big enough,
  • Resistance is very limited.


EFITMENT Mini Step Machine


  • 220 lbs weight capacity.
  • Hydraulic drive system.
  • LCD monitor.
  • Wide non-slip pedals.
  • Compact.


The EFITMENT Mini Step Machine is a small but powerful machine you can use to get your steps in. It’s compact and durable enough to withstand daily use. Perfect for those desk jobs with little to no time to get to the gym.


This mini stepper comes pre-assembled and ready to use. Very minimal tooling is needed to get it ready for use. Just attach the resistance bands, hop on and start exercising.


With the adjustable tension, you can increase the intensity to feel the burn on your leg muscles. Decrease the intensity for a more relaxed workout to match that of a brisk walk.


This stepper also comes with resistance bands to make your workouts more challenging.


Use it for indoor exercising when the weather gets too cold, rainy, or in winter when you can’t manage daily walks anymore. Better yet, use it to tone your legs and get them ready for summer.


Be warned, just 7-minutes on this stepper will have your heart rate up. Do not underestimate it. It’s light enough to pick up and move around easily. Exercise in your bedroom, in the living in front of the TV.


Besides, it’s very silent and you can work out any time of the day. Use it in the early morning or late evening without disturbing your roommates. The pedals on this stepper are wide and textured to keep your feet secure at all times.


If you do notice any squeaking sounds, it’s time for some lubrication. Use the lubrication oil provided or get some WD-40.



  • Pedal resistance is not adjustable.


Bluetooth Stair Stepper with Adjustable Resistance Bands


  • 250 lbs weight capacity.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • LCD console.
  • Resistance bands.
  • Adjustable height.


The Women’s Health Cardio Stair Stepper is a space-saving cardio machine you can use to improve your stamina and endurance. No fancy bells and whistles just a stepper with bands that gets the job done.


Its compact size makes it perfectly sized to fit any small corner space.


The package comes assembled. All you have to do is attach the resistance band, adjust the knob, insert new batteries for the console and download the app. The instruction manual is very poorly written and offers no help to get you started.


Right off the box, this stepper is very sturdy and solid. Its heavy frame keeps it secure when in use. No wobbling or tipping.


The machine comes with an adjustable height. Increase or decrease the height using the knob to match the desired intensity of your workout.  The highest setting gives for a pretty good workout that will get your heart rate up.


It also comes with training bands that are well-constructed to make your workouts more challenging. You can hold on to these as you exercise or use them to strengthen your arm and back muscles.


Expect a strenuous workout that feels more like climbing steep stairs with no impact on your knees, joints, or back.


This is not the quietest machine, it does produce some thumping noise as the step touches the frame. However, it’s not something that would cause a noise complaint. Besides, you can reduce this noise by placing the stepper on a floor mat.


Large pedals provide enough room for users of different shoe sizes to use this machine. A shoe size 13 or bigger will comfortably use this stepper and still have some room. The textured surface provides good traction that keeps your fit secured at all times.


Using the Bluetooth feature, you can connect the machine to apps such as MyCloudFitness or Apple Activity and get all the stats as you work out.



  • Poorly-written user manual

Adjustable Mini Stair Stepper


  • 220 lbs weight capacity
  • LCD console
  • Resistance bands
  • Anti-slip pedals
  • Compact


The L-NOW Mini Stair Stepper is a compact cardio machine designed for light exercises at home. It’s a well-built stepper that will get your heart pumping in minutes. Besides, it’s a great addition to any compact home gym.


It arrives well-packaged with no assembly required. Super easy to use, all you have to do is attach the resistance band and insert the batteries to power the display monitor.


This stepper is designed to mimic your natural stepping action. Unlike many other steppers, you’re not doing up-and-down steps but rather side-to-side steps.


It uses a hydraulic cylinder and is as quiet as can be. You can watch television or listen to some music as you pedal. Use it even with neighbors downstairs as it produces no noise.


The machine also comes with resistance bands for upper body exercises. Pull them in different directions to maximize your workout.  Expect to feel the burn in your legs in as fast as 5-minutes. Increase the time spent on this machine to slowly build stamina and endurance. Start slow with 3-minutes of exercise and aim to increase the time with each session.


While many beginners find the bands challenging, seasoned users may find that the resistance is not enough. It also comes with large non-slip pedals that can comfortably accommodate users of different shoe fits and sizes.


Its compact design makes storage very easy. It doesn’t require more than half a square meter. Store it under the best or in your closet.


Leike fitness Mini Stair Stepper


  • 220 lbs weight capacity
  • 2-in-1 stepper and twister
  • Up-down motion
  • Side-side motion
  • LCD monitor
  • Portable
  • Compact

ST6600 Premium Stair Stepper and Twister is 2-in-1 exercise equipment you can use at different intervals throughout the day. If you struggle to get your 10k steps in, this is the cardio machine for you. Just hop on and pedal.


The machine comes very well-packaged and pre-assembled. The instruction manual is pretty vague on important issues such as maintenance. Doesn’t even provide exercise suggestions.


It’s well-built and surprisingly heavy for its compact size. However, this is a good thing as the frame can support different user weights with no shaking or wobbling.


Because this is a 2-in-1 stepper, there is a lock pin provided to switch motions. You can use it up and down or with a side-to-side motion.


Use it with your standing desk in the office and get some activity in between your day. Use it at home in front of the TV or as you listen to some music and burn some calories indoors.


Despite its small frame, it does provide a quality workout. It’s a great replacement for heavier machines such as ellipticals that require much more space. It’s made compact and small enough to store under the bed.


The basic display monitor helps keep track of your time, distance, steps, and calories. You can easily rest it with the simple press of a button.


In case of squeaking sound use the lube provided, this will fix the noise immediately.



  • Resistance is not adjustable.
  • Poorly-written user manual.


MaxKare Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands


  • 220 lbs weight capacity.
  • Hydraulic drive system.
  • Training bands.
  • Digital display.
  • Wide non-slip pedals.
  • Removable bands.


With the MaxKare Mini Stepper, what you get is exercise equipment you can use wherever and whenever you want.  Its compact size makes it very convenient to move around.


It’s a great aerobic machine that will keep you active without having to sacrifice any space. Unlike with other cardio machines such as spin bikes.


This mini stepper comes preassembled with little effort required to get it ready for use. All you have to do is attach the resistance bands, insert console batteries and adjust the tension knob.


The motion of this mini stepper is very smooth and feels comfortable to use even for beginners. It delivers a quality workout that will have you feeling the burns in your legs and thighs in no time.


Resistance bands are optional, you don’t have to use them. Keep your hands free and read a book as you exercise.


Textured pedals keep your feet secured as you exercise. Even though they’re designed to be wide and large, they can only comfortably hold a men’s size 10 shoe. Users with bigger shoe sizes will struggle on this stepper.


The small display monitor helps keep track of your steps, time, distance, calories, and rep count. Important data you can use to exercise effectively and reach your goals. Whether that’s to lose weight or improve your stamina.



  • Small foot pedals


Best mini stepper machine