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When it comes to rowing machines, the type of resistance is often one of the biggest differences and considerations for buyers. There are four major types; air, magnetic, hydraulic-piston, or water. Water rowing machines stand out for a few reasons. First, these rowers have been described as “the closest thing to actual boat rowing”. Second, they produce very minimal noise. Unlike air rowing machines that can be quite distracting. With water rowing machines, the sound is very therapeutic and relaxing. Lastly, their infinite resistance makes them a favorite for both seasoned rowers and beginners. To create resistance, water rowing machines come with a large tank positioned at the front of the slide rail. Inside the tank are fan blades. As you begin to row, each pull makes the blades spin against the water in the tank.


The displaced water is what creates the resistance. The harder you pull the faster the blades spin and the higher the resistance. This resistance is described as variable as it depending on the strength of your pull. In addition, you can add water to different levels in the tank to influence how heavy or light your pull becomes. When you fill the water to the maximum, your pull feels heavier just like it would on a boat full of people. Subtracting water will the pull feel lighter. The only downside with water rowing machines is that they do require a lot of space. You will need to clear out some things. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned rower, water rowing machines will serve you well. In this post, we share with you the best water rowing machines. These are the best rower to consider;

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Top 5 Best water rowing machine


Obsidian Surge 500 Water Rowing Machine

  • Water resistance.
  • 16-high density hydro blades.
  • R2 fitness meter.
  • 42-inches slide rail.
  • Non-slip footpads.
  • Foldable design.
  • Transportation wheels.
  • 300 lbs max weight capacity.


With the Sunny Health and Fitness Obsidian Surge 500 Water Rowing Machine, what you get is a rower that’s just as good as the Concept2 rowing machine without the expensive price tag.


Its lightweight steel frame keeps it sturdy and allows it to support a user weight capacity of up to 300 lbs max.


As a water rowing machine, the Obsidian Surge 500 comes with a tank that can hold up to 3-gallons of water. You can fill in the water to max level to make your strokes heavier or reduce it for lighter strokes.


16- high-density hydro fan blades push against the water with every pull creating resistance as you row. The harder you pull the higher the resistance.


The seat is comfortable and molded to fit all different users. You can row for longer durations without any discomfort.


A standout feature of this water rowing machine its R2 fitness monitor. This advanced monitor helps keep track of all your metrics as you work out. Evaluate your strokes per minute, total time, strokes, distance, calories, and heart rate.


This monitor also comes with an added option of evaluating your fitness level. By pressing the recovery button, the machine calculates your fitness level based on your performance. Besides, the monitor also comes with a compete function.


Its large footpads are texturized to keep your feet secure at all times. However, because they swivel, some users find them uncomfortable to use. However, you can easily fix this by replacing the footpads.


The maintenance of this machine is very minimal as water in the tank only needs to be changed after 6-months. Use the tablet provided to keep the water inside the tank algae-free.

WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine in Black Walnut

  • Water resistance.
  • Series 4 Monitor.
  • Water flywheel.
  • Americal Black walnut.
  • 1000 lbs max weight capacity.


The WaterRower is one of the most expensive rowing machines on this list but worth every penny. WaterRower has defined itself as one of the best water rowing machine brands thanks to its amazing craftsmanship and functionality.


May users have described this rowing machine as the closest thing you can get to actual boat rowing and it’s easy to see why. With this machine, you can build and tone your muscle as you burn calories.


A unique feature of this water rowing machine its 1000-lbs weight capacity. This is the highest weight capacity we’ve encountered so far across at-home fitness machines we have reviewed. Even these high-weight capacity treadmills don’t come close to this limit.  A true statement to its superb built and outstanding engineering.


Fully assembled, this machine stands at 82.25” L by 22.25” W. Just like other water rowing machines, it will require you to make some room.


Its frame is handcrafted from American walnut wood with a danish oil finish that making it one of the best-looking pieces of fitness equipment.


A patented flywheel with paddle-like fan blades that move the water inside the tank. Perfectly mimicking outdoor rowing to give you the smoothest rowing experience.


Thanks to its wooden frame that absorbs all the noise and vibration, the only noise you can expect with the WaterRower is that of sound splashing inside the water tank as you row. You can comfortably watch TV as you exercise. Besides, many users find the whooshing sound relaxing and therapeutic.


To help you keep track of your progress this water rower comes with a series 4 monitor. The most advanced monitor on this list. The screen is divided into different sections showing you the metrics. Besides, one-touch access allows you to quickly check your heart rate. strokes per minutes, time, duration, and speed/ intensity


Also, thanks to its in-built compatibility you can connect the monitor to your computer. Use this to keep track of your progress or better yet, connect with rowing software such as Rowyo, WE-row.


This online connection is a great way to make up for the fact that the WaterRower doesn’t come with any preset workout programs. Use this software to make the most out of each session and compete against rowers across the globe


While it doesn’t come with a heart rate sensor, you can buy it separately to monitor your pulse rate as you exercise.




MaxKare Water Rowing Machine

  • Water resistance.
  • Adjustable LCD Display.
  • Foam-padded handles.
  • Large cushioned seat.
  • Foldable, space-saving design
  • Transportation wheels.
  • 264 lbs max user weight capacity.


Looking to get started with water rowing without breaking the bank, try the Maxkare water rowing machine. This is one of the best budget choices when looking for water rowing machines. It makes a great option for beginners or intermediate users.


Fully assembled the Maxkare water rowing machine only measures about 78’’L by 17.3’’W. While it isn’t as big as other rowers on this list, it still does require a little bit of space. Despite its affordable price, what you get is a well-built rower with a solid aluminum frame.


Foam-padded handles make it easy to maintain your grip as your row. The seat is not the most comfortable and could do with a little more padding and cushioning. However, this issue can easily be solved with the purchase of a gel cushion.


Footpads on this rower are designed at an impressive 45-degree angle. They don’t pivot and provide for a secure grip that many users will appreciate.


The LCD is mounted on a swivel arm that you can tilt for better viewing. While the swivel feature of the monitor is a great add-on feature, this monitor is basic as best when compared to the series 4 monitor from the WaterRower rowing machine.


However, it works just as fine keeping track of valuable metrics such as your time, speed, distance, calories, and strokes per minute. It’s not backlit and some people might find it hard to read.


The Maxkare rowing machine is not foldable due to the large bolts that secure the rail to the frame making it impossible to fold.


An issue that users might face with this machine is its low seating position. Those with back problems will find it harder to get on and off this machine. Another concern is the cheap painting used on the slide rail that cracks and chips easily.

Mr. Captain Water Rowing Machine

  • Water resistance.
  • Exercise monitor.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Ergonomic seat.
  • Transportation wheels.
  • Adjustable footplate.
  • Vertical storage.
  • 320 lbs max user weight capacity.
  • Available in red walnut, vintage oak, or zebrawood.


Mr. Captain is one of the newly released water rowing machines. Despite just being released in 2020, it has made an impression on users thanks to its sleek design and great functionalities.


There are three models in this series. The major difference being in the color available. You can get it in red walnut, vintage oak, zebrawood with vintage oak being a clear favorite among many users.


This is not the machine for you if you’re working with small spaces. It comes with an extra-long rail making it a great choice for taller users as it can accommodate user heights of up to 6″5.


All-wood construction means less noise compared to other rowing machines such as Concept2 rowing machine.


To make it durable and long-lasting, the rail also comes with an aluminum alloy cover on which the seat slides along. You don’t have to worry about any unfortunate cracking when rowing. For easy gliding on the rail, the seat comes with 8-wheels.


A short grab bar attached to a heavy-duty nylon cable makes for a smooth and quiet rowing experience. For resistance, this rowing machine comes with a multi-blade impeller that spins the water with each stroke creating infinite resistance.


Faux-leather cushioning protects the seat from sweat. Its contoured seat reduces pressure on the user making it comfortable to row for longer durations. Footpads are designed large enough to accommodate different sizes and positioned at a perfect 45-degree angle.


An LCD monitor helps to keep track of all your workout metrics. It’s big enough that you can check your time, distance, calories, and strokes per minute. Switch between different workout modes to make the most out of your workout session. Besides, with Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect to different rowing apps.


While this rowing machine is not foldable it can be stored upright even with water in the tank to save up on horizontal space. For your convenience, this water rowing machine comes with an iPhone holder, an electric water pump, and a moisture-proof cover.


HouseFit Water Rowing Machine with Bluetooth

  • Water resistance.
  • 16 blades flywheel.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Ergonomic seat.
  • LCD monitor.
  • Adjustable pedals.
  • 10.2″ tablet holder.
  • Vertical storage (space-saving).
  • Measures (80.1L x 20.4W ).
  • Dual caster wheel for transportation.
  • 330 lbs max weight capacity.


HouseFit Water Rowing Machine provides a practical option if you’d like a budget-friendly rower. Its high-quality steel construction keeps it nice and sturdy. Its heavy frame allows it to support high-weight capacity users of up to 330 lbs.


This rowing machine also comes with floor stabilizers to keep it rock-solid no matter the surface beneath.


A 4-gallon water tank with 6-different water levels makes it easy for beginners and seasoned users to use this rowing machine. Seasoned rowers can fill the tank making each stroke heavy. Beginners who prefer a more lightweight stroke can reduce the amount of water in the tank.


As you pull, water is pushed against the fan blades creating resistance. The harder your strokes the faster the blades move and hence the higher the resistance.


The sliding rail is made of durable aluminum to serve you for long without any cracks. Its long design at 35.5-inches long makes it a great option for users of different heights.


The seat is made of high-density foam with three sets of rollers that glide along the rail as you row. With one positioned on top and the other positioned beneath.


While the footrests can’t be adjusted they’re designed big enough to accommodate different shoe sizes. These pivoting footrests allow you to position your feet at the best angle. Strategically placed stoppers ensure that you don’t pivot backward past 45 degrees.


The LCD Monitor is mounted on a long adjustable arm and includes a well-placed tablet holder. Use it to scan your time, distance, calories, and strokes. It’s a standard console at best and does not come with any preset programs or online connectivity.


While it cannot be folded up for storage, it can be stored vertically after use

SNODE Water Rowing Machine

  • Water resistance.
  • 16-Hydro blades.
  • 43-inch slide rail length.
  • Ergonomic seat.
  • Large LCD monitor.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Adjustable foot pedals.
  • Space-saving design.
  • Transportation wheels.
  • 331 lbs max user weight capacity.


With SNODE Water Rowing Machine, what you get is an entry-level water rowing that’s perfect for beginners or intermediate users.


Fully assembled this rower measures about  79’’long by 20’’ wide. Its heavy-duty frame is made of high-quality steel that allows it to support high-weight capacity users of up to 331 lbs.


Its extra-long sliding rail measures about 43-inches long and is made of aluminum. A good option for taller users as they have enough leg extension and a full range of motion.


While most rowers lay low, the SNODE water rowing machine doesn’t lay too low with 16-inches of the ground making it easy for those with back pain to get on and off.


Anti-slip rubber foam covers the handles to ensure a firm grip while the nylon strap ensures a great pull and release every time. The seat is cushioned and contoured to ensure a comfortable workout session.


Pedals are large and textured to keep your feet secure at all times. Its pivoting action allows you to angle your feet to the best possible position as you row.


The LCD monitor is not the best quality but it works just as well keeping track of time, distance, calories, and strokes.  In addition, its Bluetooth-enabled for easy connectivity to third-party fitness apps


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