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can i eat whatever i want and still lose weight


Can I eat whatever I want and still lose weight?

You can eat what you want and lose weight only if you’re eating at a calories deficit. This means you’re eating less than the body needs or burning more calories than consumed with exercise.


Creating a calorie deficit is what will make you lose weight. It doesn’t matter what type of food you consume. As long as you’re eating at a deficit, you will lose weight.


You have the flexibility of choosing to eat whatever you want to eat, be it a healthy or unhealthy food. What you have o be mindful of are your total daily calories.


On a 1500 calorie a day diet, for example, you can enjoy one burger king whoppers with 770-calories, medium fries worth 440-calories, and everything bagel worth a 270-calorie but only if that’s all you’ll eat that day. Or better yet, eat healthier foods that are lower in calories to make up for the 1500 calories a day.

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Eat whatever you want and still lose weight.

Start by using this online calorie calculator to determine how much you should be eating for weight loss. Once this is determined, use myfitnesspal or similar apps to track your daily food intake.


The goal is to ensure you’re eating at a calorie deficit daily to lose weight. Here’s how;


1. Watch your portions.

You can eat what you want every day and still lose weight. It’s all about portions. Even when serving healthy foods, eat just enough and save the rest for later.


Use tips such as serving your food on smaller plates or bowls. Use your plate as a guide. Fill half your plate with vegetables first before adding on carbs or proteins.


2. Balance your calories.

Learn how to balance your calories to eat what you want and lose weight. If you eat more during the weekend, reduce your calories during the week. This way, your calories are balanced out for weight loss.


If you happen to go out with friends and end up overeating, make a plan to cut down on your calories the next day to balance it out.

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3. Dress up naked carbs.

Focus on eating more nutrient-dense foods that reduce your appetite. An easy way to do this is by dressing up naked carbs.


What you choose to eat should keep you full for as long as possible. This is the idea behind dressing up naked carbs.


When eating carbs, add more fiber, protein, or healthy fats to slow down digestion.  Instead of eating plain bread, dress it up with avocado and eggs. Instead of eating plain granola, add protein-rich Greek yogurt or peanut butter.


Do these, and you will find that you stay full for longer.


4. Stay active.

You can eat what you want and burn off extra calories by exercising. It is recommended that healthy adults spend at least 200 minutes exercising every week.


The best exercises for weight loss include both cardio and weight training. Cardio workouts such as; running, swimming, rowing, and jumping rope burn calories fast. Weight training exercises such as; squats, planks, deadlifts, and lunges build muscle and boost metabolism.


Focus on workouts you enjoy doing. You’re more likely to be consistent this way.

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5. Make it a cheat meal, not a treat day.

It is easy to wreak havoc on your progress with cravings. A slice of cake might not seem like much. Howeevr, turn it into several slices in a day, pizza, ice cream and it makes for a disaster. Avoid this and schedule your cheats/treats as part of a single meal instead.


6. Plan your meals.

Planning your meals allows you to eat what you want while balancing out your calories to lose weight. With a meal plan, you know what you’re going to eat and when making it easy to balance your calories throughout the week.


Also, if you struggle with a busy schedule, you don’t have to resort to high-calorie take-out food.

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7. Be mindful of empty calories.

Empty calories are food containing little to no nutrition. These foods are high in carbs, fats, added sugar, or alcohol.


These include foods such as; sugary drinks, candies, cookies, cakes, pastries, ultra-processed snacks, fried foods, and alcohol.  While you can still eat these foods, you have to be mindful of your portions.


If you have to eat these foods, reduce the portion as they’re calorie-dense.  Instead of eating a whole slice of cake daily, divide it up two or three times to eat for several days.


Also, don’t base your meals around these foods but rather treat them as desserts.


Can I eat whatever I want and still lose weight?

Yes, you can eat what you want and lose weight only if you’re eating at a calorie deficit.