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10 Cheapest Ways to Use to Lose Weight

Cheapest ways to lose weight

Losing weight doesn’t always have to be expensive. You don’t need to throw out everything in your pantry or buy all-organic food to lose weight. You can lose weight on a budget. Forget about that expensive “miracle weight loss program or supplements.” You might not even need to sign up for that $75/month gym membership you hardly use. The rule of weight loss remains the same, that is, losing weight comes down to 80% of your diet and 20% exercise. In this post, we share with you cheap ways to make these adjustments for weight loss. In addition, we share with you cheap ways to exercise and burn off extra calories without emptying your wallet. With these tips you can start losing weight all on a budget without having to spend an extra penny. You might actually end up saving more money.

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Cheap ways to lose weight

  • Walk for weight loss
  • Exercise with YouTube
  • Meal plan
  •  Eat at home to lose weight
  • Add high-fiber foods to your diet.
  • Buy food in bulk
  • Buy foods that are in season
  • Drink more water.
  • Eat fruit for dessert.
  • Ditch the supplement.
  • Carry packed lunch and snacks to work
  • Try intermittent fasting


1. Walk for weight loss

Did you know you can lose as many as 189-calories in 30-minutes just by walking? Walking is perhaps one of the cheapest forms of exercise. You only need a good pair of sports shoes and some extra time on your hand to get started.  Besides, a good pair of sports shoes can last you for several years. When you’re trying to lose weight, this type of exercise is a great way to burn off extra calories. Most health experts recommend exercising for at least 150 – 300 minutes every week. To burn calories with walking, start slow and build up your time.  Also, vary your terrain for best results. Instead of walking around the park, make use of nearby hills and take a  hike. This variation in terrain is a great way to burn extra calories fast. Do this, and you will feel the burn on your muscles the next day.

2. Exercise with YouTube.

You don’t always have to spend money to work out thanks to the internet. Instead of paying $75 every month for the gym you hardly use, why not get it all for free with Youtube? Stream thousands of free no-equipment workouts from the comfort of your home. What I love about these workouts is they all vary in terms of intensity, duration, and type. Choose from 15-minutes, 30-minutes, or 1-hour workouts. Beginner, intermediate and advanced workouts are also available.


Choose from yoga, high-intensity workouts, upper body, or full-body workouts. Whatever workout you want to try, there are probably thousands of videos available on YouTube to help guide you. I was a skeptic myself, but I was sweating and out of breath in just 15-minutes with these types of workouts. Besides, with trainers such growingnannas, Pamela Reif or Chloe Ting, you’ll never lack the motivation to exercise again.


3. Meal plan and prep.

Meal planning is my favorite yet laziest way to lose weight. Contrary to popular belief, meal planning isn’t just for those with busy schedules, it is a great way to save money. With meal planning, you create a meal plan, shop for all your ingredients, and prepare all your meals in advance or not. This makes it easy to lose weight as you always have ready-to-eat meals available at home. No matter how busy your schedule gets, you don’t have to resort to take-out for your dinner. Besides, with meal planning, nothing goes to water. Use meal-prep containers to portion your food into single servings and only cook once you finish all your prepared food.

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 4. Eat at home to lose weight.

Eating at home is the ultimate cheap way to lose weight. Not only will you save money, but you’re more likely to lose weight faster this way. Restaurant foods are made with a lot of high-calorie ingredients that derail your weight loss progress. Besides, eating at home is cheaper as you can buy ingredients in bulk. Also, you have control of the ingredients and portion. Strategies such as; meal planning are a great way to ensure you always eat at home even with a busy schedule.


5. Add high-fiber foods to your diet.

Ever considered eating less meat? Well, this is one cheap way to lose weight. Include more high-fiber food such as; beans, peas, chickpeas in your diet to save up on groceries. One pound of beans is much cheaper than a pound of meat, besides, it will last longer. Why not start small with meatless Monday? Substitute all your animal protein for legumes on Monday. Fiber-rich foods are just as good for weight loss as they keep you full for longer by slowing down the digestion of food. Gradually add more fiber to all your meals. Swap your high-sugar cereal for cheaper whole-grain oats. With these high-fiber foods, you will notice that you don’t have to eat as much to stay full.

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6. Buy food in bulk.

Diet accounts for up to 80% of your diet. This means most of your money will be spent buying food when trying to lose weight. Instead of passing by the grocery store every evening after work, buy in bulk. It is a great way to save up on your groceries as you’ll get better wholesale prices with bulk purchases compared to single-serve purchases. Make use of your freezer to store fresh or meat production. Also, this will ensure you eat at home more. With a fridge and pantry full of foods, you’re less likely to want to order out.


7. Buy foods that are in season.

Produce that is in season is cheaper and will cost less, unlike out-of-season produce that costs more due to lack of stock. Use this to your advantage when trying to lose weight with each passing season. In winter, opt for kiwis, Brussel sprouts or kale, etc. In summer, opt for berries, tomatoes, broccoli. Besides, you’ll get more at cheaper prices with in-season produce.


8. Drink more water.

Do you find yourself drinking energy drinks or store-bought caffeine drinks to get you through the day? Well, one cheap way to keep yourself energized is by drinking water. Not only will you save money, but you’ll cut down on extra calories. Besides, water comes with zero calories and is often readily available.  Energy drinks and high-sugar drinks are also known as empty calories as they add little to no nutritional benefit yet are very high in calories. Also, these drinks are very high in added sugar that increases appetite. As the goal is to lose weight, avoid this by drinking more water.

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9. Eat fruit for dessert.

This cheap weight loss tip has probably been a game-changer for me. I have always struggled with a sweet tooth all my life. Nothing feels as good as a sweet dessert to end my day, be it a cookie, donut, or piece of mocha cake. The downside is that these desserts can be very costly and come with some extra calories. A cheaper and better alternative is to opt for fresh fruit to satisfy your sweet cravings. Choose sweet fruits that are great for weight loss such as; apples, pears, blueberries. Not only are they cheaper to buy, but,  very low in calories. While a medium apple weighing 110 grams comes with only 62-calories, a homemade chocolate chip cookie weighing 100-gram comes with a staggering 488-calorie.


10. Ditch the supplement.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need any “special pills’, vitamin gummies, pre-workout shake, or postworkout shake to lose weight. These are just but extra expenses in your budget. Not only are they expensive, but these are also not the best source of nutrients for you. Instead, turn to food for your macronutrients or vitamins. Add more high-protein foods to your diet for more protein. Consider protein-rich foods such as; yogurt, eggs, lean cuts of chicken, pork, and meat or seafood. For vitamins and minerals, eat more nutrient-dense veggies such as; kale, spinach, broccoli. Also, supplements are unregulated, you might not know what ingredients are used in preparation.

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11. Carry-packed lunch and snacks to work.

Save money by carrying packed lunch and snacks to work. Trying to lose weight with a busy schedule can be challenging. You barely have time to sit down for a proper meal. When you do, fast food seems like the quickest and most available option. Avoid this temptation by carrying packed food and snack to work daily. First, this will save you money. Why spend more when you have delicious leftover food at home. Second, you know all ingredients used in preparing your food. This way, you don’t have to worry about extra calories sabotaging your weight loss goals. Don’t forget the snacks too. Pack some healthy nuts, seeds, or fresh fruit for snacks to keep you full for longer. Much better than whatever you’ll get at a vending machine.


12. Try intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting is an eating approach that cycles between periods of eating and fasting. With this approach, most of your day is spent in a fasted state with only a few hours scheduled for eating. This is one cheap way to lose weight because it cuts down on how much food you can eat. Many people often find it easier to lose weight with intermittent fasting because they only have 8-hours to eat instead of the usual whole day of eating. To get started, choose an intermittent fasting schedule that best suits your lifestyle. Schedules such as 16/8 intermittent fasting are popular among beginners.


Cheapest ways to lose weight