Hire Me !

Hi Friend.

I’m Sandra, lover of life and all things social media. I work as a Pinterest assistant with amazing business owners like yourself who would love to delegate some work so that they can focus on crashing their goals.

I work to optimize and strengthen Pinterest accounts so that traffic to the blog is maintained and strengthened to increase traffic, convert sales, increase email conversions and engagements to your blog.

But I do understand what can’t be measured cannot be improved.

I love to prove to provide value to my clients and I always start with 7-day free service so that you can measure and evaluate my service

I would love to talk more about your business and understand your needs.

Every busines is unique and I’d love to learn more about yours and come up with a winning pinterest plan just for your business.

As a client, your service will always be customized to fit your needs and the service sheet if just but an example of what we can do for you.

If you have any questions or concerns email me ! sandra@eatsumgreens.com

Pinterest Package