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How long does it take to lose 26 pounds?


How long does it take to lose 26 pounds?

Generally, it takes about 3 – 6.5 months to lose 26 pounds. It is a safe amount of time to lose 26 pounds. It’s also in line with what experts recommended for healthy weight loss.


With a daily calorie deficit of 500, expect to lose 26 pounds in 6.5 months. Double it to a daily calorie deficit of 1000 to lose 26 pounds in 3 months.


While it is possible to lose 26 pounds much faster, it is not recommended. You’d have to resort to unhealthy weight loss methods such as severely restricting your calories or exercising too long. Measures that are not safe or sustainable.


Allow yourself enough time to lose weight. It’s better for your health. Also, it increases the likelihood that you keep it off for good.

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Eat fewer calories to lose 26 pounds.

Weight loss occurs when you consume fewer calories than the body burns. It results in a calorie deficit that forces the body to tap into stored fat.


It takes a calorie deficit of 3,500 to lose a pound of fat. You can achieve this by eating less and exercising more to burn extra calories.


Most experts recommend a moderate calorie reduction of at least 500 for weight loss. It is enough to jumpstart weight loss without leaving you feeling starved.


Start with small sustainable changes to your diet to reduce your calories. Changes such as portion control can help you eat less. Use simple tips such as serving your food on smaller side plates or bowls. Or better yet, use your serving plate as a guide. Fill half your plate with veggies before adding protein or carbs.


Also, consider cutting out junk food and other empty calories from your diet. These foods are bad for weight loss as they’re high in calories with little nutritional benefit. Also, they’re full of added sugar and other additives that increase your appetite.


Swap out the cookies, pastries, and cakes for other healthier foods. Drink more water throughout the day to stay energized instead of relying on high-calorie energy drinks or store-bought coffee drinks. Before reaching out for that snack, have some water first. Cut out the fried foods for more filling lunch or dinner.


Prioritize nutrient-dense foods to make up for the reduced calories. Ensure your diet is full of vegetables, protein, fiber, and complex carbs. These foods are great for weight loss as they keep you full for longer.

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Try intermittent fasting.

You have to eat less to lose 26 pounds. If you find it hard to count your calories, consider intermittent fasting. It’s an eating approach that alternates between long hours of fasting accompanied by a short eating window.


Intermittent fasting works for weight loss as the less time you have to eat, the fewer calories you consume.


There are different schedules to choose from, the most common being the 16:8 fasting diet. On this schedule, you fast for 16-hours a day then eat within an 8-hour window. If you don’t enjoy breakfast, you can have your meals from 12 pm to 7 pm. Or if you prefer to have breakfast, then have your meals from 7 am – 12 pm.

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Exercise to burn extra calories.

Exercising can help you burn extra calories to lose weight. It is recommended that healthy adults spend at least 200 minutes (more than 3-hours) exercising weekly. Alternate between cardio and weight training for best results.


Cardio exercises such as; swimming, running, rowing or cycling help burn calories fast. Weight training exercises such as; squats, deadlifts, lunges, or planks help build and strengthen muscle. If you’re new to strength training, work with a professional trainer to prevent injury.


Start with workouts you enjoy doing. If you hate running, consider light walking or rowing instead. If you hate exercising outdoor, invest in quality at-home workout equipment.


Make it a habit and exercise as often as you can. It’s not only good for weight loss but also for your health.


How long does it take to lose 26 pounds? Conclusion

Generally, it takes about 3- 6.5 months to lose 26 pounds. It is a safe and healthy amount of time to lose 26 pounds.