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How Long Does It Take To Lose 41 Pounds?


How long does it take to lose 41 pounds?

Generally, it takes about 5.1 – 10.25 months to lose 41 pounds. This is a healthy amount of time to lose 41 pounds for most people. It’s also what experts recommend for healthy weight loss.


At a weight loss rate of 1-pounds a week, expect to lose 41 pounds in 10.25 months. Double it to a weight loss rate of 2-pounds a week to lose 41 pounds in 5.1 months.


While it is possible to lose 41 pounds much faster, it is not recommended. You’d have to resort to severely restricting your calories or exercising too long to lose weight faster. A dangerous approach to weight loss that can affect your health.

weight loss concept

Eat fewer calories to lose 41 pounds.

Reducing your daily calories is the key to weight loss. Most experts recommend a moderate calorie reduction of at least 500. It is enough to jumpstart weight loss without leaving you feeling deprived.


You don’t have to change all aspects of your diet to achieve this reduction. Start with small changes such as; eliminating empty calories from your diet. Think of foods such as; instant noodles, ice cream, baked treats, cakes, fried foods, or potato chips.


These are bad for weight loss as they are high in calories with little nutrition. A small bag of potato chips with 13-chips contains 140-calories. You have to consume a lot more calories to satisfy your hunger. Eliminate these from your diet or find healthier alternatives. Have some baked potatoes instead of processed chips.


Also, consider portion control to help you eat less at mealtimes. Use the MyPlate method when serving food. Divide your plate into four equal sections for veggies, protein, carbs, and fruit.


Or better yet, use smaller dinnerware or bowls. Bigger dinner plates make food appear smaller making it easy to overeat.

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Add cardio to your routine.

Healthy adults should spend at least 200 minutes exercising weekly. Part of your workout should include cardio exercises that raise your heart rate to burn calories fast.


With cardio, you find yourself breathing hard and fast. Running, swimming, jogging, walking, or jumping rope are good examples. The good thing with cardio is that the more you weigh, the more calories you burn once you get started. A 155-pound person burns 216 calories in  30 minutes while another who weighs 185-pounds burns approximately 252-calories.


Start slow and focus on workouts you enjoy doing to avoid getting overwhelmed. If you hate running, consider rowing or cycling instead. If you’re short on time, consider high-intensity interval training. These workouts take less than 45-minutes to complete and are just as effective at burning fat.


Try weight training.

Strength training involves lifting heavy weights at the gym or using your body weight as resistance to build muscles. Deadlifts, squats, planks, lunges are good examples.


The good thing about weight training is that you burn calories even after your workout. Compound exercises that target multiple muscle groups are especially good at burning fat. Include these workouts in your weekly routine to lose 41 pounds.


Start slow and build momentum as you go. Also, consider working with a certified trainer to prevent injury if you’re new to the gym.

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Change your mindset.

Ditch the diet mentality and accept the changes as part of your new lifestyle. For example, if you cut back on junk food, don’t just do it until you lose 41 pounds and then start eating junk food daily again. That’s diet mentality.


Incorporating the changes into your diet means knowing you can’t have junk food daily. However, you can have a cookie here and there when you feel like it.  Also, where you used to eat a family-sized bag of potato chips, you know that a single serving is enough.


This is the only way you can stay consistent and achieve your goals. Also, you’re more likely to keep the weight off for good this way.


How long does it take to lose 41 pounds? Conclusion

Generally, it takes about 5.1 – 10.25 months to lose 41 pounds. This is a safe and healthy amount of time to lose 41 pounds for most people.