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How Long Does It Take To Lose 53 Pounds?


How long does it take to lose 53 pounds?

It will take you about 6.625 – 13.25 months to lose 53 pounds. This is a healthy amount of time to lose this weight. It’s also what the CDC (center for disease control and prevention) recommends for safe weight loss.


With a daily calorie deficit of 500, expect to lose 53 pounds in 13.25 months. Double it to a daily calorie deficit of 1000 to lose 53 pounds in 6.625 months.


While it is possible to lose 53 pounds much faster, it is not recommended. Losing this weight at the recommended rate is best for your health. Also, this increases the likelihood that you keep it off for good.

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Step 1: Count your calories.

Start by counting your daily calories to lose this weight. It will help you determine how many calories you’re consuming daily and how best to reduce your calories for weight loss.


To lose a pound of fat, you need to burn at least 3,500 calories. One way to achieve this is by reducing how much food you consume daily.


Use apps such as myfitnesspal or a food journal to track your food and drink. Once you have this information, use techniques such as; portion control or eliminating high-calorie foods from your diet to reduce your daily calories.


Use the MyPlate method when serving food at mealtimes. Divide your plate into four equal sections for veggies, protein, carbs, and fruit. Or better yet, use your plate as a serving guide.


Fill half your plate with veggies before adding protein or carbs. Using these simple hacks can help you reduce how much food you consume at mealtimes.


Also, eliminate high-calorie foods and drinks such as; junk food, baked goods, potato chips, or ice creams. These foods are high in calories with little nutritional benefit. Also, they’re full of added sugar and other additives that increase your appetite. Eliminate them from your diet to lose 53 pounds.

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Step 2: Prioritize nutrient-dense foods.

Focus on eating more nutrient-dense foods to make up for the reduced calories. This is the only way to prevent hunger when losing weight.


Start your day with oatmeal or eggs instead of a sugar-filled bowl of breakfast cereal.


Enjoy lean meats, fish, or poultry at lunch instead of deli meats or processed sausages. High protein diets can help reduce appetite and boost your metabolism. A win-win situation when trying to lose 53 pounds.


Also, include more high-fiber foods such as; veggies, fruit, or whole grains in your diet. Substitute refined cereals for whole-grain alternatives at mealtimes. They’re more filling and will keep you full for longer. With veggies such as; spinach, kale, broccoli, or Brussel sprouts you add volume to your meals.


Lastly, enjoy fruits such as; bananas, apples, or berries after your meals. They’re lower in calories than most baked desserts and taste just as sweet.

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Step 3: Exercise to burn more calories.

Exercising can help you burn more calories to lose 53 pounds much faster. It is recommended that healthy adults spend at least 250-minutes exercising for significant weight loss. A combination of cardio and weight training is ideal.


Strength training exercises help build more muscles. The more lean muscle you have, the more calories you burn while at rest. Deadlifts, squats, lunges, and planks are good examples. Consider working with a certified trainer if you’re new to the gym as you’re dealing with heavy equipment.


With cardio, you raise your heart rate to burn more calories. Exercises such as; swimming, running, rowing, or jumping rope are good examples.


Start slow and build momentum as you go. Focus on workouts you enjoy doing to avoid getting overwhelmed. If you hate running, for example, consider walking or cycling instead.


How long does it take to lose 53 pounds? Conclusion

At a weight loss rate of 1-pound a week, expect to lose 53 pounds in 13.25 months. Double it to a weight loss rate of 2-pounds a week to lose 53 pounds in 6.625 months.