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how long does it take to lose 75 pounds


How long does it take to lose 75 pounds?

On average, it takes 9 – 18 months to lose 75 pounds. It is a safe amount of time for most people to lose 75 pounds. It’s also in line with what the CDC (center for disease control and prevention) and other experts recommend for healthy weight loss.


With a daily calorie deficit of 500, expect to lose 75 pounds in 18 months. Double it to a daily calorie deficit of 1000 to lose 75 pounds in 9 months.


However, keep in mind that these numbers vary from person to person. Several other factors affect how quickly you lose weight. These include factors such as; age, gender, weight, height, and activity levels. Due to these differences, some people might lose 75 pounds much faster or take longer.


An active person who exercises daily, for example, will not lose 75 pounds at the same rate as someone with a sedentary lifestyle with little to no activity.


In the same way, a person who weighs over 300-pounds will not lose weight at the same rate as someone who weighs less. The heavier person burns more calories because their energy needs are much higher.


While you can lose 75 pounds much faster, resist the temptation of using unhealthy measures such as exercising too long or severely restricting your calories. These measures are unsafe and can affect your health. Also, these are not sustainable long-term, and you’re likely to gain all the weight back.

weight loss concept

Safe and healthy weight loss.

Weight loss occurs when you consume fewer calories than the body needs. This results in a calorie deficit that forces the body to tap into stored fat. It takes a calorie deficit of 3,500 to lose a pound of fat.


It is recommended that you lose 1 – 2 pounds a week. You can chive this by increasing your energy expenditure or reducing how much food you eat.


Let’s start with diet as it’s one of the factors to consider to lose weight. We know that most adults need to eat at least 2000 – 2500 calories to maintain their current weight. However, to lose 75 pounds, you have to eat less. It is recommended you cut your calories by at least 500 days.


This is enough to jumpstart weight loss without leaving you feeling deprived. Make small changes such as cutting out junk food and other empty calories to reduce your daily calories. These include foods such as; cookies, cakes, pastries, sugary drinks, ultra-processed snacks, and alcohol, especially beer.


These foods are bad for weight loss as they’re high in calories, additives, and added sugar. They increase your appetite and cravings making you eat more. Eliminate them from your diet to lose weight.


You can also consider controlling your portions to reduce your calories. Use simple tips such as using your plate as a guide. Fill half your plate with vegetables before adding protein or carbs to prevent overeating.


Also, consider serving your food on smaller plates or bowls. We tend to overestimate just how much we need to eat. Using these tips can help you eat less.

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Do some cardio and lift more weight.

Exercising can help you increase your energy expenditure and burn extra calories to lose 75 pounds fast. It is recommended that healthy adults spend at least 200 minutes exercising weekly.


Alternate between cardio and weight training exercises for best results. Cardio exercises such as; jumping rope, running, or rowing help burn calories fast. Weight training exercises such as; squats, deadlifts, and lunges help build lean muscle.


As you get started, focus on workouts you enjoy doing. You’re more likely to be consistent this way. If you hate running, try rowing or bicycling instead. Also, don’t forget to vary your workouts and intensity for best results.


How long does it take to lose 75 pounds? Conclusion

Generally, it takes 9 – 18 months to lose 75 pounds. It is a safe and healthy amount for most people to lose 75 pounds.