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how long does it take to lose 90 pounds


How long does it take to lose 90 pounds?

On average, it takes 11 – 22 months to lose 90 pounds. It is a healthy amount of time to lose 90 pounds. It’s also in line with what most experts recommend for healthy weight loss.


While you can lose 90 pounds faster, it is not recommended. You’d have to restrict your calories severely and exercise for long periods to lose 90 pounds quickly. An extreme approach to weight loss is unsafe and unhealthy for most people.


Even though losing 90 pounds might seem like an intimidating weight loss goal, the important thing is to get started. Also, giving yourself enough time to lose weight increases your willpower and makes the process easier.

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Safe and realistic weight loss.

Weight loss occurs when we eat fewer calories than the body burns. This creates a calorie deficit forcing the body to tap into stored fat.


With a daily calorie deficit of 500, expect to lose a pound of fat in a week. Double the effort to a daily calorie deficit of 1000 to lose two pounds in a week. Creating this calorie deficit is the first step to losing 90 pounds. Most experts recommend a moderate daily calorie deficit of 500 – 1000 when losing weight. The best way to achieve this is with diet and exercise.


Start by eating less to reduce your overall daily calorie intake. Use this calorie calculator to determine how much you should be eating to lose weight. It is one of the most accurate ways to determine your calorie intake.


Don’t fall into the temptation of restricting your calories too low. A moderate calorie reduction of at least 500 is all you need to start losing weight. Use apps such as myfitnesspal to help track your food intake to ensure you’re eating at the right deficit. Or better yet, write it down in a food journal.

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Focus on nutrient-dense foods.

Eat more nutrient-dense foods to make up for the calorie reduction. Ensure your diet is full of protein, fiber, vegetables, and complex carbs. These foods are great for weight loss as they keep you full for longer.


Start your day with high-protein foods such as; eggs or greek yogurt. Have some lentils, chickpeas, or beans for lunch. Add in your favorite vegetables to your meals to improve satiety. As vegetables are low in calories, you can enjoy several servings without worrying about extra calories.


Substitute refined carbs for filling complex carbs. Enjoy whole grains or brown rice to stay full for longer. Do these, and you will lose 90 pounds without noticing you’re eating fewer calories.


Exercise to boost your weight loss.

Healthy adults should spend at least 150 – 300 minutes exercising weekly. When you’re trying to lose weight, this is a great way to burn extra calories and fasten the process. Alternate between cardio and weight training for best results.


Cardio exercises such as; jumping rope, swimming, running, cycling, and rowing help you burn fat fast. Did you know in 30-minutes, you can burn as many as 420-calories swimming vigorously?


With weight training workouts such as; squats, deadlifts, lunges, and burpees, you build muscles.  The more muscle you have, the better your metabolism as you can burn more calories while at rest.

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Hold yourself accountable

Losing 90 pounds is a big goal that takes time and great willpower. keep yourself accountable by using tips such as weighing yourself often. Also, keep a food journal to track your food intake. This way, you can evaluate your diet much better.


How long does it take to lose 90 pounds? Final thoughts

It takes about 11 – 22 months to lose 90 pounds. A safe and realistic timeframe for most people to lose this weight.