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How much weight can i lose in 28 days?


How much weight can I lose in 28 days?

Expect to lose 4 – 8 pounds in 28 days, on average. It is a healthy amount of weight to lose in 28 days. It’s also in line with CDC (center for diseases control and prevention) guidelines for safe weight loss.


With a daily calorie deficit of 500, expect to lose 4 pounds in 28 days. Double it to a daily calorie deficit of 1000 to lose 8 pounds in 28 days.


While it is possible to lose more weight in 28 days, it is not recommended. You’d have to resort to severely restricting your calories or exercising too long. Unsafe measures that can affect your health. You’re better off losing the recommended amount in 28 days.

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Create a calorie deficit to lose weight.

Your body has to burn more calories than what you consume to lose weight in 28 days. This is the key to losing weight. You can achieve this by eating fewer calories and exercising often.


Start with small changes such as controlling your food portions. Serve your food on smaller plates or bowls. Or better yet, use the MyPlate method. Divide your plate into four equal sections for veggies, protein, carbs, and fruits. Use these simple hacks to eat less and lose weight in 28 days. Do this same when snacking to avoid overeating.


Also, eliminate junk food from your diet. Even though these foods are often convenient, they’re not good for weight loss. Avoid foods such as; instant noodles, fast food, ice cream, pretzels, crackers, or baked goods when trying to lose weight.


They are high in calories with little nutrition. Also, they’re full of added sugar and other additives that increase your appetite. Opt instead for healthier alternatives. Drink water to stay energized rather than sugar-filled coffee or energy drinks.


Meal prep and plan your food weekly to avoid ordering fast foods. Also, this way, you don’t have to let your hunger dictate what you should eat.

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Focus on better nutrition.

Make small sustainable changes such as prioritizing nutrient-dense foods to lose weight in 28 days and keep it off. Eat more vegetables, complex carbs, protein, and fiber. These are good for weight loss as they keep you full for longer.


Start your day with protein, and you’ll notice a reduced appetite throughout the day. Some good sources of protein include; eggs, fish, lean meat, poultry, and fish. Add these to your diet to lose weight in 28 days.


Fill up on fiber-rich whole grains, fruit, and vegetables. These foods are just as filling. Swap out white bread, pasta, and other processed cereal for whole-grain alternatives. Veggies such as; spinach, kale, broccoli, and Brussel sprouts are a great way to improve satiety. Also, as they’re low in calories, you can enjoy an extra serving or two.


Enjoy fresh fruit such as; oranges, apples, or pears after your meals instead of baked desserts.

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Stay active to burn extra calories.

Exercising is a great way to burn extra calories to lose weight in 28 days. It is recommended that healthy adults spend more than 200 minutes exercising weekly. Aim for 30 – 90 minutes daily and set aside a day of rest to heal.


A good workout routine should include both cardio and weight training. Cardio exercises such as; swimming, running, rowing or cycling help burn calories fast. Weight lifting exercises such as; deadlifts, squats, lunges, or planks help build and strengthen your muscles.


Start slow and focus on workouts you enjoy doing. If you hate running, consider light walking or rowing. Build momentum as you go and vary your workout intensity daily for best results. Do these to burn enough calories to lose weight in 28 days.


How much weight can I lose in 28 days? Conclusion

Generally, expect to lose 4 – 8 pounds in 28 days. It is a safe and healthy amount to lose in 28 days for most people.