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how much weight can i lose in 8 weeks


How much weight can a person lose in 8 weeks?

On average, expect to lose 8 – 16 pounds in  8 weeks. This is what most health experts and the CDC recommend for healthy weight loss. A slow and steady rate of losing 1 – 2 pounds a week.


With a daily deficit of 500 calories, expect to lose 8 pounds in 8 weeks. Double the effort with a daily deficit of 1000 to lose 16 pounds in 8 weeks.


However, keep in mind that this can vary from person to person. Several factors affect how quickly you lose weight. These include factors such as; activity levels, age, gender, height, and weight. A person who weighs over 250-pounds might lose more weight faster when compared to another who weighs 125-pounds.  In the same way, a person with a desk job and a sedentary lifestyle will not lose weight at the same rate as someone who stays active and exercises daily.


Weight loss explained

Weight loss occurs when we eat less than the body burns. This creates a negative caloric balance forcing the body to tap into stored fats, thus causing weight loss.


We know that it takes a deficit of 3500 calories to lose a pound of fat. The higher the deficit, the higher the weight loss. However, most experts recommend a moderate calorie deficit of 500 – 1000 calories.


This way, you don’t have to severely reduce your calories or exercise for hours just to lose weight. With a daily deficit of 500 calories, you can lose a pound of fat weekly. Double the effort to 1000 calories to lose up to two pounds in a week. While 8 weeks might seem like a short period, it is enough to lose a noticeable amount of weight.

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Eating to lose weight.

Cut your calories by at least 500 to lose weight in 8 weeks. This is the moderate amount most experts recommend for weight loss. While you can cut more calories, the goal is to leave you with enough to survive on. You don’t want to feel too deprived to the point of starving to lose weight.


Start by eliminating empty calories in your diet to cut calories. These include foods such as; donuts, cookies, chips, energy drinks, and many more. These foods are high in calories yet add little nutritional benefit.


Also, consider portion control. We tend to overestimate our serving portions, thus overeating. Use simple portion control tips such as serving on small plates to eat less. Once you have determined how to reduce your calories, change your diet to include nutrient-dense foods.


Eat more complex carbs, fiber, and protein. These foods are great for weight loss as they keep you full for longer, reducing appetite. Also, make healthy swaps where possible. Instead of buying several cups of store-bought coffees full of sugar, make your own at home. Or better yet, drink more water to keep yourself energized rather than energy drinks or coffee.

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Exercising to boost weight loss

Exercise to lose weight in 8 weeks. Here’s the goal should be to burn at least 500-calories exercising daily. You can do this with the right workout intensity and duration.


Most experts recommend that you spend at least 200-minutes or more exercising weekly. Alternate between cardio and weight training for best results. As exercising can be challenging, only choose workouts you love doing. You’re more likely to stay consistent with an activity you love doing.


How much weight can I lose in 8 weeks? Conclusion

Expect to lose 8 – 16 pounds in 8 weeks. This is a safe and healthy amount to lose within this period. In addiiton, it’s in line with CDC guidelines for healthy weight loss.