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how much weight can you safely lose in 5 weeks


How much weight can you safely lose in 5 weeks?

Expect to lose 5 – 10 pounds in 5 weeks. This is the amount most health experts recommend for healthy weight loss.


While it is possible to lose more weight in 5 weeks, it might not be safe or healthy for most people. While we are now accustomed to getting things fast, this should not be the same mentality when it comes to weight loss. A slow and steady approach is always best not only for your health but long term. Besides, having a realistic timeframe in mind is a great way to increase your willpower to lose weight.

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Diet plan to lose weight.

The first change you need to make to lose weight in weeks is to your diet. Most experts recommend a moderate calorie reduction of 500 – 1000 calories daily. Most adults need to eat at least 2000- 2500 calories daily to maintain their weight. This reduction leaves you with plenty to survive on.


While 500 – 1000 might seem like a small change, it’s enough to jumpstart weight loss. Also, keep in mind that how many calories you need daily depends on factors such as; activity level, height, weight, and sex. You don’t want to cut out too many calories and deprive yourself. There is no worse feeling than feeling like you’re starving because your calories are too low.


The best way to cut your calories is to focus on high-calorie foods that add little to no nutritional value. These include foods such as;

  • Dry snacks.
  • Baked good and treats.
  • Fried foods.
  • Liquid calories aka sugar-filled drinks.
  • Sauces and condiments.

Once you have reduced your calories, focus on eating the right weight loss foods. This way, you stay satisfied throughout the day even as you lose weight. Think of foods such as;

  1. High-protein foods
  2. High-fiber foods
  3. Complex carbs
  4. Veggies and fresh fruit

Instead of starting your day with a sugar-filled bowl of cereal, enjoy a hard-boiled egg full of protein. At lunch, add volume to your meals by filling half your plate with green vegetables such as broccoli. Do these, and you will lose weight in 5 weeks.

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Exercising to lose weight.

Exercising can help you boost weight loss and make the process quicker. Most health experts recommend spending at least 150 minutes weekly exercising for weight loss. A combination of cardio and weight training is best for weight loss.


While cardio workouts burn fat fast, weight training workouts build muscle to boost metabolism. The key to success when exercising is consistency. The only way to achieve this is by choosing an activity you love doing. If you hate running, consider walking. Consider investing in a rowing machine or stationary bike, if you hate exercising outdoors.


If you hate exercising alone, consider team sports such as; football or volleyball. If you struggle with a busy schedule, consider high-intensity interval training workouts. These are short workouts that alternate between periods of intense exercise and recovery. They’re just as effective, burn as many calories yet take 30-minute or less to do.


Alternate your cardio days with weight training. If you’re a beginner, train with a personal trainer. Lifting weight is a great workout, however, you can easily get injured. Start slow and build momentum as you go to avoid injury when lifting weights. Vary your intensity for best results. Compound exercises targeting multiple muscle groups are also great.


How much weight can you lose in 5 weeks? Conclusion

Generally, you can expect to lose 5 – 10 pounds in 5 weeks. This is a safe and healthy weight loss rate for most people. While you can certainly lose more weight, it might not be safe for most people.