9-Simple ways to burn belly fat

How to burn belly fat in 9-easy steps

Want to burn belly fat? Do these 9-things daily

How to burn belly fat is a popular question most people hope to find an answer to. Bulging belly fat is one of the most visible signs that you need to do something about your weight. It’s not just that it makes fitting it in your favorite clothes uncomfortable.


No, this type of fat actually endangers your health. This has been proven in this research report that looks at all the way visceral fat aka belly fat affects your health. All in all, it increases your risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diseases and heart diseases. But does it mean that those who have no visible fat are safe?


The only way to know for sure is to understand what is visceral belly fat and how can you check to see if you indeed have it. Once we have this understanding we’ll be able to find how to burn belly fat.


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What is belly fat?

When it comes to belly fat there are two types of fat. First is the subcutaneous fat, this is the fat deposit directly under the skin and is very visible. The other type of fat is the visceral fat that is deep within the abdomen and surrounds vital organs.


Even though it’s not always visible, this type of fat is the most dangerous to your health. This fat is actually metabolically active. This means it produces hormones that interfere with how your body functions. What’s more due to its location in the abdomen, it’s more dangerous.


Research has shown that having belly fat increases your risk of certain diseases. These include diseases such as blood pressure, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.


So while you might not actually see this type of fat due to your body type, the only way to know and be certain is by measuring


How to burn belly fat

How much belly fat do you have?

The best way to determine just how much belly fat you have is by taking measurements. You can do this in the hospital or with a simple measuring tape at home. While standing up, measure the area around your waist with the tape.


For women, anything above 35-inches is considered belly fat. For men, anything above 40-inches is considered belly fat.


So while you might look thin or have no visible belly fat, your measurements might prove you wrong. Now that you know you have belly fat, your next plan of action should focus on how to burn that belly fat fast.


How to burn belly fat

1. Cut sugary drinks and food

Sugar is made up of glucose and fructose. When you eat something sugary the glucose is broken down to be used for energy while the fructose is processed by the liver.


However, this process gets disrupted when you eat too much sugar.The liver gets overwhelmed and is forced to turn the sugar into fat. Most of this fat ends up stored around your abdomen and liver. Have you ever considered just how much sugar you use daily?


According to a 2009 report, the average American adult takes in about 19-teaspoons of added sugar daily.  While the recommended amount is 9-teaspoons for men and 6-teaspoons for women daily.


And it’s not just with sugary foods. This also happens when you drink something sugary.


Because your brain doesn’t register liquid calories the same, you end up drinking more and more hence more belly fat. This is why for most of us, a can of coke is never enough to satisfy hunger.


You don’t have to totally cut off sugar, start by limiting baked goods, cookies, pastries, breakfast cereals, etc.


This limitation also applies to energy drinks, fruit juices, sodas, and all other soft drinks. Also, beware of healthy foods such as flavored yogurts, low-fat foods that seem healthy but are actually full of added sugar.

Eat more protein foods

2. Eat more protein

You are what you eat and that applies to belly fat too. Protein is one of the most important weight loss foods you can eat.


First, it keeps you satisfied, this is why many weight loss tips will often advise you to include some form of protein in your breakfast. You’ll definitely notice the difference when you eat eggs at breakfast. Second, it boosts your metabolism.


This is because it takes longer to break down protein compared to other macronutrients. Your body will have to burn more energy just to break it down.


It takes as much as 80- 100 calories more a day to break down a  high-protein meal as shown in this study done on energy expenditure. This is not just good for those who are looking to lose weight fast but also for those struggling to burn belly fat.


This was proven in this report that revealed that participants who ate quality protein had less abdominal fat than those who didn’t. So to really get the benefits of protein foods, one thing is clear and that is quality matters.


This means you want to go for quality sources such as salmon, tuna, lean meat, and lean poultry. Processed foods such as deli meats even though high in protein are not high-quality. Increase your protein intake by having protein-rich foods at all mealtimes.


Also consider high-protein snacks such as cottage cheese, natural greek yogurt, and nuts.


Eat more fiber foods to burn belly fat fast

3. Eat more fiber

Eating fiber-rich foods can help you burn belly fat and in more than just one way. First, we need to understand that there are two types of fiber, soluble fiber, and insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber helps relieve constipation as it doesn’t mix with water thus adding bulk to stool.


On the other hand, soluble fiber mixes with water to form a gel-like substance that slows down the digestion of food.


This is what keeps you full for longer. Besides, soluble fiber is a natural appetite suppressant that will help you eat less by reducing the production of hunger hormones.


Because soluble fiber reaches the gut undigested, it acts as a prebiotic that good bacteria in your gut can feed off. What’s more, as gut bacteria break down these nutrients they release short-chain fatty acids.


A type of fat that can help burn belly fat by increasing fat burning while reducing fat storage. In addition, a recent study revealed that participants with more gut bacteria tend to have a lower risk of belly fat.


Enjoy fiber foods such as legumes, peas, sweet potatoes, avocados, and even oatmeal.


Limit your carbs

4. Cut back on carbs

Low-carb diets such as the ketogenic diet have been recognized as one of the best ways you can to lose weight fast. They’re not just effective for weight loss but can help you burn off that belly fat too.


Even though many people might struggle to completely cut off carbs. This doesn’t have to be the case. You can also opt to eat more whole grains and cut off refined grains. This includes eating whole-grain rice, pasta, wheat, bread among others.


This was proven in the Framingham heart study. Where participants who eat more whole grains were 17% less likely to have abdominal fat than those who didn’t. Studies done on the effects of low-carb diets show that they’re a great way to reduce abdominal fat deposits around vital organs such as the liver and kidney.


You can also limit your carbs to 50- 100g daily to help you burn belly fat, if not more.


Exercise often

5. Do some exercise

When you incorporate exercise to help you burn belly fat, think full-body fat-burning workouts. Even though the idea of spot reductions has been hammered into our heads, it’s impossible to achieve. Belly fat exercises are a great way to ensure that whatever fat you lose stays lost.


When it comes to burning belly fat, think cardio exercises, and weight training. First cardio exercises, will increase your heartbeat and cause you to breathe a little heavier. With cardio, your body has to work overtime and hence burn more calories.


Cardio exercises are a great way to burn fat and that includes belly fat too.


Start with exercises such as walking, swimming, running. These are great ways for your body to burn fat fast. But that’s not all, supplement your cardio exercises with some weight training exercises.


These exercises will help you build and preserve muscle as you start losing fat. This is the most effective combination of exercises you can use to burn belly fat. This was proven by this study on obese overweight adolescents.


The participants were able to experience the most reduction in their abdominal fat by doing a combination of these exercises.

learn how to deal with stress

6. Learn to control stress

When you get stressed, your body responds by producing the stress hormone known as cortisol. Cortisol, on the other hand, works to help you through this distress by increasing appetite. This is why you will often find yourself craving food whenever you’re in a stressful situation.


It doesn’t stop there, it also drives abdominal fat storage. Whatever you eat during this stress session ends up stored as fat. In addition, a recent study into stress response in women shows that women with larger waists tend to produce more cortisol.


This means that an already bad situation is made worse with stress. Know your stress triggers and find ways to counter it instead of turning to food for comfort. Engage in physical activities such as walking, do some yoga.


These activities can help you better deal with stress.


Know your limits with alcohol

7. Beware of too much alcohol

We’ve all heard of the stubborn beer belly and yes it real. Alcohol is also just empty calories. It’s high in calories yet provides you with very few nutrients. That’s why most often you find yourself drinking bottle after bottle.


Secondly, when you drink alcohol, your body makes it a priority to break it down first.


That means anything else you eat with alcohol is stored as fat while your body struggles to break down the alcohol. Third, alcohol can be very high in simple sugars.


As you drink bottle after bottle of alcohol, your body gets overwhelmed and stores it as fat. This was proven in this study that revealed that heavy consumption of alcohol is linked to abdominal fat aka bulging belly fat. With alcohol, it’s much better to have one glass every day than binge from time to time.


Also, consider low-calorie alcoholic beverages


8. Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is not only crucial to your health but is also proving to be a contributing factor to belly fat. In a recent study on the role of sleep.


Participants who slept for 5-hours or less were more likely to gain weight and belly fat compared to those who slept for at least 7-8 hours.


From this study, it’s clear that sleep quality and quantity matter. In addition, another study on the effects of sleep deprivation reveals you’re more likely to eat more calories. Participants in the study were more likely to eat fatty foods full of calories.

Track your food

9. Track your food intake

Before planning to make any changes to help you burn belly fat, examine what you’ve been doing. This should include an in-depth look at what your current diet looks like.


This is mostly because most of us tend to overestimate or underestimate just healthy our diet is.


Note down your daily food choice in a food journal daily for a clear picture of what you’re currently eating. Write down snacks, drinks anything that you might eat even candy. Once you have this data, it will much easier to see what you can improve on.


Final thoughts on how to burn belly fat

Belly fat also known as visceral fast is anything above 40-inches in men and 35-inches in women.


This type of abdominal fat is not just uncomfortable but a major threat to your health as it increases the risk of chronic diseases. To effectively burn this type of belly fat.


The first step is to always keep track of your food. This will help you see what you need to eliminate or eat more of. Next cut down on sugary foods and carbs in your diet.


Consider adding fiber and protein foods to your meals. You should also incorporate some belly fat exercises to burn belly fat. This should include both cardio and weight training exercises.


Lastly, learn how to manage stress as this is a major contributing factor. This is the best way to burn belly fat.

9-Simple ways to burn belly fat