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9 Easy Ways to Lose Weight in Winter

Lose weight in winter

To lose weight in winter, eat less than your body needs to create a calorie deficit. Most experts recommend that you aim for a 500-calorie deficit to lose about 1-pound every week. However, the cold temperatures can make this quite challenging as the only thing you want to do is eat comfort food and high-calorie drinks such as hot chocolate. Despite these challenges, it is possible to lose weight in winter. Just like it is possible to lose weight in summer. The only difference being the strategies in use. In this post, we share strategies to use to lose weight in unforgiving winter weather.

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How to lose weight in winter

  • Exercise at home.
  • Track your calories.
  • Try intermittent fasting
  • Make soup your appetizer.
  • Eat more protein foods.
  • Eat more high-fiber foods.
  • Fill up on vegetables.
  • Eat small meals throughout the day.
  • Avoid empty calories.
  • Keep warm.


1. Track your calories to lose weight.

To lose weight in winter, try counting calories. Calories refer to the amount of energy our bodies receive from the foods we eat. For example, a slice of Papa John’s pizza supplies our bodes with 270-calories. Depending on current energy needs, this will be either be used up or stored as fat for later use. We all need to eat a certain amount of food every day to lose, maintain or gain weight. When you’re trying to lose weight, first learn how many calories you need to eat and then track your calories.


The amount of calories we need varies per person depending on factors such as; sex, height, gender, age, and lifestyle. Use this online calculator to determine how many calories you need to eat to lose weight. Once you have the number, start tracking all your meals and snacks to ensure that you stay under the said number. Use apps such as myfitnesspal or do it manually with a food journal.

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2. Exercise at home in winter.

The cold temperatures that come with winter are no excuse not to exercise. Weight loss exercises are a great way to burn off some of those extra calories to boost your weight loss results. Aim to get in at least 150 – 300 minutes of exercise every week. Opt for at-home workouts that are just effective for weight loss. Do exercises such as running on the treadmill, using a rowing machine, or a stationary bike. If you prefer a low-impact workout, opt for a recumbent exercise bike instead.


If available, make use of your home gym to build some muscle. A good weight loss exercise routine should combine cardio and strength training for the best results. If not available, why not invest in a compact home gym? With more variety available today, you get to choose from a variety of affordable and compact home gyms. You don’t have to worry about space or money.

3. Try intermittent fasting for weight loss.

Intermittent fasting is an eating approach that alternates between periods of fasting and eating. When intermittent fasting, the better part of your day/week is spent in a fasted state. Only a few hours are scheduled for eating. This is the reason why this approach often works so well for weight loss. With less time to eat, you can only eat as much. In winter, intermittent fasting is an ideal choice because you’re more likely to eat more to keep warm.


If you find yourself constantly snacking due to the cold temperatures, why not consider intermittent fasting? I consider this one of my best lazy way to lose weight. Besides, not only will it save you precious time but also help you save on groceries. To get started, choose the best intermittent fasting approach that best suits your schedule. Choose from fasting schedules such as; 16/8 intermittent fasting, eat-stop-eat, warrior diet, alternate-day fasting, or 5:2 fasting diet.

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4. Make soup your appetizer in winter.

To lose weight in winter, replace salads with soups as your appetizer. This works well for weight loss due to several reasons. First, soups improve satiety, reducing your appetite. You will find that you eat less at lunch or dinner when you start with a soup appetizer. Second, this is a great way to keep yourself hydrated. If drinking warm plain water or teas isn’t your thing, consider drinking more soup. They’re a great way to keep yourself hydrated.


However, because the goal here is to lose weight, keep these soups as light as possible. Avoid heavy, high-calorie additions such as; heavy cream or full-fat coconut milk.  Add in bits of high-protein foods such as; lean meat or chicken to make it satisfying. This way, you can drink several bowls without worrying about your calories. Add in lots of low-calorie vegetables to make the soup just as hearty.


5. Eat more protein foods to lose weight.

High-protein foods have often been referred to as one of the best weight loss foods as they keep you full for longer. Studies have shown that diets high in protein can help reduce overall calorie consumption by as much as 441-calories daily. The best way to take advantage of this is by starting your day off with some protein. Replace your high-sugar cereal with some yogurt and oatmeal instead. Better yet, add in some eggs and bacon. You will notice that your appetite is reduced throughout the day. This is a great weight loss tip to use as cold temperatures in winter often make you want to eat more.


By eating more high-protein foods, you prevent the urge to eat constantly as you are full and satisfied. In addition, your body needs more calories to break down these high-protein foods, boosting your metabolism. Add in more high-protein foods to all your meals with foods such as; lean cuts of turkey, chicken, beef, or pork. This way, you’re eating enough of the recommended 45g – 56g of protein daily.

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6. Eat more high-fiber foods to lose weight

Just like protein, high-fiber foods should be part of your diet when you’re trying to lose weight in winter. High-fiber foods keep you full for longer by slowing down digestion and absorption of food. It is for this reason that a plate of rice and beans feels so satisfying. When you’re trying to lose weight in winter, this is the goal. Health experts recommend that adults eat at least 25g – 35g of fiber every day. Adding high-fiber foods to all your meals is a great way to ensure you’re eating enough.


The best high-fiber foods to eat include legumes, sweet potatoes, artichoke, avocados, prunes, blueberries, oats, among other foods. Instead of a high-sugar bowl of breakfast cereal, have some oats. Swap out your baked desserts for such fiber-rich blueberries, pears, or prunes. In addition, substitute one animal protein for some kidney or black beans to ensure you’re eating enough fiber daily.


7. Fill up with vegetables in winter.

Vegetables are a great way to add volume to your meals in winter. With vegetables, you can eat as much as you want without worry about the extra calories. Besides, as most veggies are high in fiber, they will keep you full for longer. Because the goal is to lose weight, avoid heavy additions to your vegetables as you cook. Leave out the heavy creams, full-fat coconut milk, or other high-calorie ingredients. Keep it simple with good seasoning and a sprinkle of oil. Add in vegetables at all meal times starting with breakfast with a veggie-filled omelet. For lunch, enjoy some artichoke, and kale for dinner. This way, you’re adding a lot of volume to your meals and losing weight without feeling like you are starving yourself.

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8. Eat small meals throughout the day.

If you find yourself constantly craving food throughout the day in winter, divide your meals into smaller portions to eat throughout the day. Instead of one heavy meal at lunch and dinner, divide it all into  4- 5 meals. This way, you get to satisfy your cravings without breaking your calories. Besides, this is also a great way to avoid snacking.


9. Avoid empty calories.

A nice heavy cup of hot chocolate topped with fluffy marshmallows seems so satisfying in winter. As the temperatures drop, several cups of chocolate seem like the only answer. However, to lose weight, beware of these empty calories. Foods and drinks that add no nutritional value are what we refer to as empty calories. This includes foods such as sugar drinks, energy drinks, baked treats, desserts, etc. They feel so good for a few minutes but will leave you feeling hungry a few minutes later.


As they’re very high in calories, all it takes is one or two servings to throw off your calories for the day. If you need to drink something warm, considered these weight loss drinks instead. Drinks such as herbal teas, homemade coffee, or better yet, drink some warm water.

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10. Keep warm to lose weight in winter.

Keep yourself warm in winter to avoid the constant need to eat something for warmth. Add on socks, extra layers of coats and sweaters, and a scarf. Ensure that you’re warm and well-dressed for winter if you have to go to work even with a busy schedule. This way, you’re less likely to crave hot chocolate every few hours. Besides, carrying around extra weight on you is a great way to stay active and burn off extra calories with each step.

Lose weight in winter