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9 Tips to use to lose weight over the summer

Lose weight over the summer

To lose weight over the summer, take advantage of the weather to exercise more while maintaining a calorie deficit with your diet. One of the major challenges people often face in summer is that good weather means lots of good food. The high temperatures make it easier to over-indulge in refreshing foods that are high in calories. However, you can avoid these common pitfalls by first, staying hydrated.  Have water near or around you to make it easy to stay hydrated. Next, take advantage of the weather and get some exercise done outdoors.


There are so many summer sports or workouts you can do outdoors to burn off extra calories. Also, monitor your food intake and mind your portions to ensure you’re not overeating. Add volume to your meals with the seasonal vegetables available in your area. Finally, add high-protein and fiber foods to your diet to keep your meals full and satisfying. These are the weight loss tips to use in summer to lose weight.

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How to lose weight over the summer

1. Stay hydrated.

Swap iced coffee and soda for some refreshing zero-calorie water. Despite the hot temperatures don’t give in to the temptation to over-indulge in ice cream to cool your thirst. Instead, opt for water. Have a bottle of cold water nearby. Make it as easy as possible to reach your water bottle to avoid giving in to temptation. If you can’t stand the blunt taste of water, squeeze some lemon or apple cider vinegar. Besides, drinking water before a meal helps keep you full. You’ll notice that you’re lee likely to overeat at mealtimes.


Also, consider drinking herbal teas, coffee, and tea to keep you hydrated. Just be sure to make them at home. Don’t go for the store-bought varieties that are often very high in added sugars. Be mindful of extras, keep it plain and simple, forget about the whipped cream or syrups. These add-ons will add extra calories to your drink. Considering you might have several iced teas in a day, you’re better off without these additions.

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2. Go for an evening walk.

Good weather is another aspect that most people look forward to. When trying to lose weight over summer, take advantage of this with some light evening walks. Did you know you burn as much as 159-calories in just 30-minutes of walking? Walking is one of the most popular weight loss exercises for good reason. Besides, it’s a great no-expense workout that will help you burn off extra calories for weight loss.


To make your workout more challenging, don’t just walk around the park vary your terrain to burn more calories. Try some hills to make the most out of your evening walks when time allows. Power walks are also a great way to increase the intensity of your walk. Besides, also invest in a weighted vest. These types of vests are designed to add on extra weight that forces your to burn more calories.


3. Watch your portions.

Good weather equals great food. However, when you’re trying to lose weight over summer, you have to mind your portions. Don’t let yourself get carried away. Use weight loss tips such as using smaller plates when serving your food. Fill half your plate with vegetables to avoid overeating. High-protein foods such as fish and chicken should take about a quarter of your plate. The last quarter should be filled with carbs such as rice, sweet potatoes, etc.


It’s very easy to get carried away with food portions especially when around family and friends.  Don’t trust yourself to eyeball the right amount, rather have a plan in mind to help you serve correct portions. If you find yourself eating out with your family often, divide your meal in half, eat half and request the other be bagged for you.

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4. Monitor your food.

Summertime feels like a vacation period for most people. However, when you’re trying to lose weight, the weight-loss rules still apply. One way to ensure you’re on the right track is to monitor your food intake. Keep a food journal or use apps myfitnesspal to track your food during the day. This will help you better evaluate your diet.


Are there any foods that are higher in calories? If yes, don’t eliminate them but reduces the frequency at which you eat these foods. Instead of eating these food daily, eat them two or three times a week. Monitoring your food will help you determine better food combinations. Instead of pairing high-calorie foods together. Mix them up with the right weight loss foods to reduce your daily calories.


5. Exercise outdoors.

Exercise is a great way to burn off extra calories and lose weight over the summer. What’s more, with exercise, the more you weigh, the more calories you burn once you get started. With such perfect weather, feel free to exercise outdoors. Exercises such as swimming are perfect for summer. Did you know you burn as much as 252-calories in just 30-minutes of swimming?


Water exercises such as swimming are not only good for those with bad knees but also great at burning calories but also as a full-body workout. All muscles in your body from your shoulder to your glutes are engaged when swimming. You’re guaranteed to feel great after. Consider other great outdoor exercises such as; jogging, cycling, golfing, rowing, etc.

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6. Start your day with some protein.

To lose weight over summer, always include high-protein foods in all your meals. Better yet start your day with foods high in protein. Choose high-protein foods such as; tuna, eggs, greek yogurt as they are great weight loss foods that will keep you full and satisfied without the extra calories.


By doing this often, you will notice that the urge to snack midday reduces. Besides, you’re more likely not to eat as often in summer thanks to the high temperatures. Having protein in your meals is a great way to reduce the overall amount of food consumed daily. If you don’t like having heavy foods at breakfast, consider some oatmeal with greek yogurt instead.


7. Choose smart snacks.

Snacking is one of the most suggested weight loss tips to help curb hunger. However, it’s all about choosing the right snacks as they can make or break your weight loss goals. While a handful of cookies might not seem like a big deal. The problem is that one serving is never enough.


If you find yourself eating cookies, cake, baked treats, dried snacks throughout the day, you might be undermining your weight loss goal. Choose healthier snacks such as; cottage cheese, fresh fruit, or hard-boiled eggs. These snacks are all low in calories.  You can have a second serving without having to worry about all the extra calories.

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8. Enjoy seasonal vegetables.

Summertime is a great time to pay a visit to the farmer’s market. Pick up some watermelons and all the seasonal vegetables available to add to your diet. Vegetables such as corn, zucchini, radish, celery peppers are a great addition to your plate as they’re low in calories. What’s more, their high fiber content is a great way to add volume to your meal. Aim to have at least 3- 5 servings of these vegetables daily.


9. Choose fresh fruit for dessert.

Fresh fruits are plenty and readily available in summer. Instead of indulging in high-calorie desserts, why not some juicy watermelons? The best fruits for weight loss include; apples, grapefruits, pears, strawberries. These fruits are low in calories and make for the perfect healthy snack. Indulge and have two servings without having to worry about the extra calories. Instead of having an apple pie that’s full of extra calories eat some fresh apples instead.


10. Have a healthy smoothie

If you find breakfast too heavy for you, opt for a smoothie instead. With the right ingredients, you can turn a smoothie into a meal replacement that’s just as satisfying. First, start with a high-fiber base such as oats and some high-protein milk or yogurt.


Add in your favorite fruits such as; bananas, blueberries, strawberries, or apples. This way, you don’t miss breakfast and end up overeating later on in the day. Here are 25 plus recipes to use to make a healthy smoothie.

Lose weight over the summer