lose weight naturally without exercise

10 Lazy hacks to lose weight without exercise

How to lose weight without exercise

If you’re wondering how to lose weight fast without exercise, then you’ve come to the right place. Losing weight doesn’t have to involve long tiring hours at the gym lifting the heaviest weights.  Neither does it involve starving yourself and only eating a handful of nuts and a bowl of broccoli as you sip on plain water. Losing weight is about understanding that body weight is determined by a few factors, key among them being your daily calories.

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How weight loss occurs

The basic fact is that if you consume more calories than your body needs, you will end up gaining weight. On the other hand, if you consume the same amount of calories that your body burns, you will maintain your weight. However, if you want to lose weight fast, you want your body to burn more calories than you consume. That is the basic principle of weight loss.  But where exactly do exercise and diet come in? Can you really lose weight without exercise?


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How to lose weight without exercise

Have you heard the expression “abs are made in the kitchen”. If not, you’ve probably been told that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. This is is because it’s much easier to avoid eating that 2000 calorie pizza than it is to burn it off. Harvard Health estimates that vigorously cycling on a stationary bicycle for 30-minutes results in burning at least 391-calories. Now imagine just how much exercise you’d have to do to burn off extra calories daily. So while most weight-loss experts would recommend that you exercise for weight loss, we now understand clearly that what you eat makes the greatest impact when it comes to weight loss.


lose weight fast


10 best ways to lose weight without exercise

1. Intermittent fasting works

Intermittent fasting is an eating plan that revolves around having periods of fasting and eating. This trend has become a top choice on how to lose weight fast without exercise. It works effectively for weight loss because eating is restricted to certain hours hence you end up eating fewer calories overall. There are different fasting schedules to follow the most common being the 16/8 fasting and 20/4 protocols. This is where you fast for 16 hours and only eat within the remaining 8 hours.  The 20/4 protocol, fasting for 20-hours and eating only during the remaining 4 hours.


2. Reduce your daily calories

This is the most important weight loss tip you need to consider when you want to lose weight. Your body needs to burn more calories than you consume in order for you to lose weight. Start by counting your calories, how much are you consuming at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Note down areas where you need to cut down. You can also cut down major calories by;

  • eliminating unnecessary snacking and eating only at mealtimes.
  • Skip the sauce, cut down on sugary condiments.
  • Say no to sugary beverages such as soda, juice, and even alcohol

You can use apps such as MyFitnessPal or calculate how many calories you should eat here to lose weight.


lose weight fast by staying active


3. Stay active

I know, I know, this should strictly be on how to lose weight fast without exercise. But who says staying active is all about exercise? Modern life provides a convenience that has made life too easy but not so much for our health. Instead of opting for uber or your car to get home, maybe take your bike. Daily activities don’t have to be strenuous and unexciting. Choose something you love and fit it into your daily routine eg walking your dog for 30-minutes or more. Take daily walks, use the office stairs, stand at the desk more often.  Take a break every hour and walk around the office, or clean your house. Just remember every step counts in keeping the pounds off.


Fill up on vegetables


4. Fill up on your veggies, protein and cut back on carbs

For efficient weight loss, diet is key and it all starts with what’s on your plate. Construct a healthy and balanced meal with veggies taking up at least 25% of your meal. Veggies are not only packed with beneficial minerals and vitamins but they also help you eat less as they make you feel full. Include protein in all your meals even breakfast opt for foods such as eggs, oats that will keep you full for longer. Protein is also beneficial to your weight goals as it helps suppress appetite. You want to cut back on sugars and starchy carbs that leave you feeling hungry as they’re easily digested.




5. Swap processed refined foods for whole foods

With limited options for losing weight fast without exercise, a key rule to remember is every meal counts. To avoid cravings and snacking, you want to feel full and satisfied until the next meal. To achieve this, opt for whole-grain foods. Whole grains are very filling as they’re full of fiber. Whereas refined foods are stripped of their fiber and most nutrients due to the heavy processing they undergo. As a result for you to feel full, you’ll have to eat more hence more calories. Swap out white bread, pasta, and rice for the whole grain options


portion control



6. Watch your portions

Portion control is a good way to ensure you’re eating balanced and nutritious meals. Just because eggs are healthy doesn’t mean they should fill up your entire plate. You want to master portion control when you’re trying to lose weight naturally as both healthy and unhealthy foods add up the calories. A few weight loss tricks to help you master portion control;

  • Use smaller dinnerware or bowls at mealtime.
  • Use your plate as a guide and fill up half your plate with veggies fast
  • Order half portions if you’re in a restaurant.
  • Use your hand as a guide, for protein stick to one palm-size for women and two fist sizes for men. For veggies keep it one fist size for women and double for men. For carbs, one cupped hand size for women and double the same amount for men. Top up with a thumb-size of fat for women and double for men.
  • If everything fails, get you some of these portion control bento boxes


meal planning


7. Plan out your meals

Do I even have food in the fridge? If you’ve found yourself wondering the same you’re not alone, most people don’t meal plan and lose out on maintaining a healthy diet. With meal planning, you’re able to buy meal ingredients and fresh produce ahead of time.  When you meal plan, you know exactly what you have and how it suits your diet, helping you keep track of your daily calorie goals. Meal planning offers you the option to constantly have healthier meal options rather than picking up the phone to order your next take-out. If coming up with healthy delicious recipes, is a problem why not try e-meals. You get delicious Budget-friendly meal plans every week and a ready shopping list saving you both time and money.


8. Track your food

Eating healthy but am not losing any weight? Most times we tend to focus so much on breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We forget to take into account the not-so-healthy snacks in between. Keeping track of all the food you eat is a perfect way to ensure you’re accounting for all your calories. Even healthy snacks such as fruits can’t be eaten all day just because they’re healthy. You can use apps such as myfitnesspal or a simple journal of your foods to better your eating patterns. Maybe your lunch isn’t as filling as you think it is. Keeping track will greatly help you see patterns you wouldn’t notice otherwise.

avoiding junk food


9. Avoid temptation, don’t store junk foods

It’s pretty hard to control yourself when you have to cook a healthy meal from scratch when you have a bag of crisps or chocolate cookies next to you. To avoid the temptation altogether, remove all junk foods that you’d typically store. Instead, always have healthy snacks available such as berries, nuts, and fruits for when hunger strikes.




10. Read that food label

Food nutrition labels though overlooked should be a priority when determining if pre-packed food is healthy or not. Labels contain the nutritional value of the food contained per 100g or per serving. The information is displaced in terms of proteins, fats, salt, and carbohydrates that you stand to gain if you eat the particular food. This will help you determine if the foods fit in your diet or not



If you want to lose weight without exercise, making a few changes to your diet can have a major impact on your weight. You want to kick start your metabolism with methods such as intermittent fasting, portion control, or reducing your calories.  The quick results you gain will give you the motivation to continue and adapt to healthier eating habits. Choose weight-loss strategies you’re most comfortable with, that fits into your daily routine. If you find yourself back to old habits, re-evaluate what went wrong and start again.  Don’t beat yourself new habits take time to stick.

10 Lazy hacks to lose weight without exercise