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How to lose weight without starving: 10 Best Ways

Lose weight without starving

Losing weight should not involve starving yourself.  If you find yourself starving, it’s most likely that your diet plan is flawed hence the constant hunger.  Besides, by starving yourself, you’re more likely to gain all the weight back after your diet is over. Weight loss occurs when we eat less than our body needs creating a caloric deficit.


This is what jumpstarts the weight loss process. To create this calorie deficit, you don’t need to starve yourself.  Instead, what you need is a proper diet plan that caters to all your calorie needs. A good diet plan should include high-volume, filling foods that will keep you full and satisfied. In this post, we share with you all the healthy ways to lose weight without starving yourself.


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How to lose weight without starving

1. Aim for a slow and steady weight loss.

Ever tried to go on a diet only to end up feeling hungry constantly? Your whole day is filled with thoughts of foods you can’t have. This might be because you’re not eating enough calories. Your body doesn’t like being in starvation mode and you’re more likely to give up on your weight loss goal. Besides, you’re more likely to binge eat later on with a restrictive diet.


No matter how big or small it might be, be it to lose 15 pounds in weeks or lose 30 pounds. It is possible to achieve it without starving yourself.  Instead, opt for a slow and steady weight loss. Aim to create a calorie deficit of about 500-calories every day for weight loss. With such a small change you can lose weight without starving as your diet is not too restricted. You will realize that you don’t have to give up any of your favorite foods, rather eat them in moderation.

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2. Cut the calories in your foods.

The goal is to eat more and lose weight, not eat less and starve yourself for weight loss. One way you can do this is by cutting the number of calories in your food. To do this, learn about the number of calories in your food ingredients such as oils, creams, butter, etc. Did you know a tablespoon of oil has about 130-calories, that’s the same amount of calories in 3 apples each about 100grams?


Why use two tablespoons of oil in your recipes when one can do? Next when making a salad, instead of a high-calorie oil vinaigrette why not used a vinegar-based one? It tastes just as good but comes with half the calories.


Next, instead of serving a high-calorie cream-based soup at dinner, why not serve a broth-based one? 1-cup of cream-based mushroom soup has about 400-calories compared to the same amount of broth soup at only 112 calories. These small changes make all the difference in your total daily calories. These are only a few ways you can cut calories in your daily foods.

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3. Counting calories for weight loss

If you find yourself starving when trying to lose weight, most likely, you’re not eating enough calories daily. The best way to ensure that you’re eating enough is by counting your calories. Counting calories allow you to determine how much you should be eating to gain, maintain or lose weight. This number is often determined based on factors such as; your age, weight, gender, height, and lifestyle needs. Use this basic online calorie calculator to determine your caloric needs.


Most experts recommend that adults need about 1900 to 2500 calories per day to maintain their weight. To lose weight, you need to eat less than what your body needs, and with a 500-calorie deficit, adults can eat about 1400 – 2000 calories for weight loss. Use apps such as myfitnesspal to ensure that all your daily food intake is within fit your macros. In addition, choose the right weight loss foods to eat, high-volume foods will keep you full and satisfied for longer. You won’t even feel like you’re trying to lose weight.


4. Eat more high-protein foods

High-protein foods such as lean cuts of meat, tuna, yogurt are a must-have when you’re trying to lose weight. They will keep you full and satisfied for longer. Substitute your high-sugar cereals for some oatmeal with greek yogurt and you will notice the difference. With a high-protein meal, you’re less likely to feel the urge to snack or eat more throughout the day. This is why many high-protein diets are often so successful for weight loss. The best way to ensure you’re eating enough protein is to have it at all mealtimes.


Have some hard-boiled eggs for breakfast, salmon at lunch, and some lean chicken breast for dinner.

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5. Eat more vegetables

Vegetables should be on your plate as they’re low in calories. You can eat as much as you want without having to worry about extra calories. Just 1-cup of broccoli comes with a mere 30.9 calories. When you’re trying to lose weight without starving choose high-fiber vegetables to add volume to your meals.


A simple weight loss tip you can use is to fill half your plate with vegetables first. Use this tip to ensure you’re getting the recommended 3- 5 servings daily and at the same tip prevent yourself from overeating. To maintain the low calories in vegetables, avoid adding too much oil, butter, or any other dressings over the vegetables. Keep it as simple as possible.


6. Eat more high-fiber foods.

When was the last time you ate some beans? High-fiber foods such as beans are exceptionally good at keeping you full. When you’re trying to lose weight without starving yourself, these are the types of foods you should aim to include in your diet as often as possible.  These high-fiber foods slow down the digestion of food delaying stomach emptying. You will often feel full for hours after a good meal of rice and beans or after having some refried beans.


Best high-fiber foods to eat include legumes, sweet potatoes, artichoke, broccoli among others. Besides, as fiber is only available in these plant foods, adding them to your diet is a great way to break the monotony of eating animal protein.

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7. Eat less high-calorie foods.

Limit the amount of high-calorie, high-sugar foods in your diet. Foods such as processed dry snacks such as biscuits, pretzels, dried fruits. Fried foods, ice cream, pizza, baked treats, cookies, cakes, and pastries too. These foods are high in calories yet come with no nutritional value.  You have to eat more and more to feel full.


Because of the high calories, they might throw off your weight loss goal. If you find your diet full of these foods yet you’re trying to lose weight fast, it’s time to make a change.


8. Plan your meals in advance

When you’re trying to lose weight, avoid the temptation of fast foods by planning your meals. Come up with a weekly meal plan and make sure to shop for all the ingredients beforehand. You’re less likely to feel tempted to eat the wrong foods out of hunger. In addition, having a meal plan also reduced the risk of starvation when overwhelmed with what to cook.


I have noticed that I tend to go without food for long hours on weekends when I don’t have a meal plan. As a result, I will overeat even binge the next time I get to eat. However, with a meal plan and all ingredients available, all I have to do is cook the food.

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9. Choose your beverages wisely

To lose weight without starving,  you have to cut out the sugar-filled beverages. Not only are they high in calories, but they’re also empty calories. They add no nutritional value to you whatsoever. Besides, high-sugar drinks have been shown to increase hunger. This is why you’ll find yourself drinking can after can of soda. Some good weight loss drinks to consider include; herbal teas, and protein drinks.


10. Exercise

Exercise is a great way to burn off extra calories every day for weight loss. Exercising also allows you to eat more food while maintaining your caloric deficit. It is recommended that you aim for at least 150 – 300 minutes of exercise every week. Some good weight loss exercises include; light walking, swimming, rowing, cycling, or jogging. You don’t have to stick to only cardio exercises. A good weight loss workout routine should also include weight training.


Weight training allows you to lose weight without losing your curves as it builds and strengthens muscles. Vary your exercise intensity to challenge yourself and make the most out of your time. If you don’t like exercising outdoors, consider these budget indoor workout equipment for weight loss.


11. Reduce stress

Stress is one of the most common causes of weight gain. When you’re stressed, the stress hormone cortisol responds by signaling your hunger hormone. Your body is in a state of freeze, fight, or flight and it needs food for fuel to deal with the situation. This is why you often find yourself craving comfort food whenever faced with a stressful situation.


As a result, you find yourself in a constant cycle of binge-eating. Later on, you starve yourself to undo the effects of these binge-eating sessions. Break this cycle and learn how to deal with stress in a constructive way. You can journal, do yoga, seek therapy, or even exercise.


Lose weight without starving