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is it realistic to lose 50 pounds in a year


Is it realistic to lose 50 pounds in a year?

Yes, it is possible to lose 50 pounds in a year. This is a safe and healthy amount of weight for most people to lose in a year. It’s also in line with the CDC (center for disease control and prevention) guidelines for healthy weight loss.


It takes a calorie deficit of 3500 to lose a pound of fat. You need a higher calorie defect of 175,000 to lose 50 pounds. In a year, this comes down to a daily calorie deficit of 479. A moderate calorie reduction that most people can achieve with diet, exercise, or both.


We know that most adults need to eat at least 2000 – 2500 calories to maintain their current weight. A daily calorie reduction of 500 while moderate, is enough to jumpstart weight loss. Also, it leaves you with plenty of calories to survive on.


You don’t have to change all aspects of your diet to achieve this reduction. Start with small changes such as eliminating junk food and other empty calories.


These include foods such as; cookies, cakes, pastries, sugary drinks, candies, fried foods, ultra-processed snacks, and alcohol, especially beer. These foods are bad for weight loss as they’re high in calories with little nutritional benefit.


Also, consider portion control to help reduce your calories. We tend to overestimate how much we need to eat daily, thus overindulging at mealtimes. Use simple tips such as serving your food on smaller plates or bowls to avoid this.


Or better yet, use your plate as a serving guide. Fill half your plate with veggies before adding on protein or carbs.


You can also  use your hand as a serving guide. A palm size of protein foods such as; salmon, tuna, or lean chicken for women and double for men. One cupped hand of carbs such as; white or brown rice for women, and double for men.


A fist-size of vegetables for women and double for men.  A thumb-size of healthy fats for women and double for men.

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Eat better to lose weight.

Focus on eating nutrient-dense foods to lose 50 pounds in a year. Eat more vegetables, protein, fiber, and complex carbs.


These foods are great for weight loss as they keep you full for longer. Start your day with high-fiber oatmeal or protein-rich eggs, and you will notice a reduced appetite throughout the day.


Choose high-fiber foods such as; lentils, beans, or peas for your lunch or dinner. These foods are cheaper and a great option for anyone looking to eat healthily on a budget. Choose lean cuts of meat, poultry, and fish for your protein.


Lastly, add vegetables to all your meals to add volume. As they’re low in calories, you can enjoy a serving or two without having to worry about calories.


Make healthy substitutions where possible such as eating more fruits after your meals instead of high-sugar baked desserts. Do these, and you will lose 50 pounds safely.

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Stay active to lose weight in a year.

Exercising can help you burn extra calories fast. Healthy adults should spend at least 150 – 300 minutes exercising weekly. It is not only good for your heart but also for weight loss.


Focus on workouts you enjoy doing. You’re more likely to be consistent and exercise often this way. If you hate running, consider rowing, cycling, or bicycling. If you hate exercising outdoors, invest in quality at-home workout equipment.


Alternate between cardio and weight training for best results. Cardio exercises such as; swimming, running, rowing, and cycling help burn calories fast. Strength training exercises such as; squats, planks, deadlifts, and lunges help build more muscle. The more muscle you have, the better your metabolism.


Is it realistic to lose 50 pounds in a year? Conclusion

Losing 50 pounds in a year is a safe and realistic goal. It is a healthy amount of time for most people to lose 50 pounds.