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10 Laziest ways to lose weight

Laziest ways to lose weight

Losing weight in a healthy way takes time. Depending on your goal, it might be a short 5-weeks, 6-months, or longer. However, just because you’re trying to lose weight doesn’t mean you need to spend all your free time in the gym burning fat or every minute calculating your calories for weight loss. Instead, use weight loss tips that don’t require you to do much to jumpstart the weight loss process.  These are what we refer to as lazy ways you can use to lose weight too. Methods such as; making use of meal planning services if you hate cooking, drinking more water, go for an evening walk, etc. All these are simple activities that you can incorporate into your routine to start losing weight.

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Lazy ways to lose weight.

1. Try intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting is an eating approach that alternates between periods of eating and fasting. With this approach, most of your day is spent fasting state with only a few hours left for eating.  What makes intermittent fasting so good for weight loss is that most people tend to eat less with fewer eating hours hence a reduction in daily calories. There are several intermittent fasting schedules to choose. These include; 16/8, eat stop eat, alternate-day fasting, and warrior diet among others. 16:8 is perhaps the most popular schedule for beginners as it calls for 16-hours of fasting accompanied by 8-hours of fasting. If you struggle with cooking to lose weight, work a night shift, or don’t have enough time for a proper meal, intermittent fasting is one lazy way to go about it. The benefits here are three-fold; first is that you don’t have to cook as much, you’ll save money on groceries and you will lose weight.

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2. Meal prep.

Meal prep is one of the best lazy tips to use to lose weight while eating what you want. Besides, it will save you time and money in the long run. Trying to lose weight when you don’t know what to eat is a bad idea. Not knowing what to eat and not having all the ingredients for a quick meal is one of the reasons most people find it easier to buy take-out. Avoid the temptation and always have a list of all your meals for the week ready. Write down what you’d like to have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Better yet, prepare all your meals in advance and enjoy the leftovers the whole week. This way, you have no excuse to eat out or order from your favorite restaurants. If you prefer to cook daily, have all the ingredients available at home. Shop once for all your ingredients rather than rushing to the store after work every day. Besides, when you meal prep you can carry your home-cooked food to work.


3. Make use of meal planning services

Hate cooking but want to lose weight? Why not considered meal planning services such as Bistro MD. It is the number one doctor-designed meal planning service for weight loss. With this service, you’re not just getting healthy meals but also meals designed to help you lose weight. Everything is done for you with these ready-to-eat meals and snacks. This lazy way of losing weight is also great for those with busy schedules. If you rarely have time to cook a healthy meal after work, opt for Bistro MD. What I love most about meal planning services such as Bistro MD is that you can customize all your meals. Choose between 7-day week-long programs or 5-day work-week programs. Besides, you can also add in other specifications such as; gluten-free or heart-healthy meals. Unlike restaurant food, you don’t have to worry about extra calories and oils. All the meals and snacks you received are prepared in a healthy way to help you lose weight.

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4. Use smaller plates.

Using smaller plates is a great alternative to counting calories. Lazy yes, but effective. We now know that you’re more likely to eat more when served food on bigger dinnerware. However, when we switch to smaller plates, you feel just as full with a smaller portion. It’s all a visual trick we can use to our advantage when trying to lose weight. This not only applies to meals but to snacks as well. Besides, it can be hard to determine the right amount of food to eat for your body just by eyeballing it. Using a smaller plate is one way to ensure you’re not overeating at mealtimes. Other weight loss tips you can use include; portion your plate with carbs, protein, and vegetables. This way you’re not overconsuming any one food group. Also, use your hand as a guide. Serve protein foods to match the size of your palm, fist-sized portions for vegetables, and a one-cupped hand portion for carbs.


4. Go for an evening walk.

Hate running? Try walking instead. Walking is one of the lazy ways to boost weight loss with exercise. Did you know that walking burns as much as 159-calories in just 30-minutes? What I love about walking is that it doesn’t feel as tedious as running or jogging yet it’s just as effective. Most people trying to lose weight find that walking is also one of the easiest weight loss exercises to start. If you’re trying to lose weight lazily, schedule an evening walk daily. Aim to spend at least 1-hour walking around the park or your neighborhood. You don’t even have to walk at a fast pace.

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5. Exercise in front of the TV.

Exercising at home is a great way to save time and money. Save yourself the hustle of commuting and work out the lazy way, in your living room in front of the TV. What I love most about exercising this way is that you hardly notice the time. If you find yourself easily distracted, or lacking the motivation to exercise, consider exercising in front of the TV. This way, you don’t have to struggle through an hour on the elliptical machine. You might even find that you exercise longer when exercising as you watch your favorite shows. Do this with any good portable indoor workout machine. If you want to burn some serious calories, consider a rowing machine. A workout on a rowing machine can help you burn as many as 294-calories in just 30-minutes. However, if you’d like something low-impact considers a recumbent exercise bike.


6. Always carry some water with you.

When you’re trying to lose weight the lazy way, you have to stay hydrated. Whether you’re at work, at home, or running errands, always have a bottle of water with you. This zero-calorie drink is the best weight loss drink available to us. There are several reasons you should do this. The first is that most people confuse thirst for hunger. Staying hydrated is a great way to learn how to differentiate. Instead of stuffing your face with snacks at the slight feeling of hunger, drink some water. You will find that more often than not, you’re just feeling thirsty and not hungry. Second, it’s a great way to keep yourself full. Studies have shown that drinking water before, after, and during meals is a great way to improve satiety. In the long run, this simple trick can help significantly reduce the number of calories consumed daily.

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7. Sleep well.

Want to lose weight? Sleep well. This is probably the laziest way to lose weight. The goal here is to aim for 7-8 hours of peaceful sleep every night. Sleep can directly affect your hunger and satiety hormones. Disrupted sleep schedules cause you to eat more thanks to an increase in the hunger hormone ghrelin. This is why you find yourself binge eating late at night if you’re awake. Don’t think you can get away with poor sleeping habits short-term. All it takes is a few days of poor sleeping habits to throw off these hormones. Sleeping well is a habit you want to do consistently not just once.  For a good night’s sleep, ensure your last meal is at least 3-hours before bedtime. Also, avoid coffee or any other caffeine drinks close to your bedtime.


8. Eat enough.

Eat enough to lose weight the lazy way. Adults should consume about 1200- 1500-calories for weight loss. Eat too little, and your body is forced to adjust by slowing down your metabolism, making it harder for you to lose weight. Most people focus too much on foods to avoid that they forget to pay attention to how much they should be eating. To lose weight, eat more foods high in fiber, protein to stay full for longer. Don’t forget to throw in high-volume vegetables too. The goal here is not to starve yourself but rather eat until satiety.

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9. Take the time to enjoy your meals.

Another lazy way to lose weight is by taking the time to enjoy and savor your meals. Instead of eating your food as you watch TV or while mindlessly scrolling through social media. Take a break, devices down, and enjoy your meal. Mindless eating or eating while distracted makes you eat more. When you’re trying to lose weight, avoid this. Eating without distractions allows you to savor each bite of your meal appreciating the texture, smell, and taste.


10. Stress less.

Did you know that stress makes you eat more? Just like disrupted sleep schedules, being in a constant state of stress causes an increase in the hunger hormone ghrelin. This is because your body equates stress with needing more energy prompting you to eat more. So to lose weight, you want to avoid stress. Or better yet, find positive outlets such as taking up yoga, meditation, or exercising. Next time you feel stressed, instead of binge eating, release that energy constructively with exercise.

Lazy Ways to Lose Weight