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13-Best Weight Loss Motivation Secrets To Use Daily

The best Weight Loss Motivation Tips to use daily

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you know just how much of a struggle it can be to keep yourself motivated.


Despite what number you want to achieve, weight loss at times can feel like a constant battle. You might be doing all the right things, eating all the right weight loss foods, and still no change.


Just when you’re about to give up that’s when the change starts. Nothing better than knowing that someone else has been through what you’re going through and they too have struggles just as you have.


Whether you want to lose 10 pounds or lose 200 pounds, these weight loss motivation tips can help you through your journey.


In this post we share with you the best weight loss motivation tips from people just like us who’ve done it before and how they did it. These are weight loss motivation secrets they used and so can you;



Lexi Reed weight Loss Transformation


Best weight loss motivation tips


1. Slow and steady wins the race.

While it will feel amazing to share your weight loss transformation with friends and family after just one-week, it is not very sustainable.


When you’re getting started with weight loss start slow. Make small gradual changes that will help you lose weight. Start with a 30-day goal of eating better.


Then add some weight loss exercise and aim for 60-days. Even though you might feel like these changes are slow, this is the best way to lose weight and actually keep it off.


This is exactly how Lexi Reed from fatgirlfedup did to lose over 312-pounds.


With a massive 312 weight loss she proves just about anyone can lose weight and she didn’t need surgery either to do it. It all started when her best friend challenged her to a 30-day health challenge.


For this challenge, she had to cut all soda, cheat meals, and alcohol.


In addition, she also had to cook all her meals. While this doesn’t seem like much, but it was to her. After the 30-days were over she realized she loved her new healthier routine and she had actually dropped some pounds


30-day was all it took to start a massive 312-weight loss transformation that inspires millions today.



2. Realistic healthy weight loss

When you’re getting started with your weight loss, the motivation should not be to lose weight as fast as possible


But to achieve healthy weight loss that can be sustained long-term. Most health experts recommend that you aim to lose at least 1-3 pounds every week.


Using this as your standard will also help you set realistic goals that you can achieve.


Don’t try to lose 30-pounds in 1-month when you’ve gained it over the years.  You’ll end up frustrated and give up thinking your weight loss plan is not working.


When in fact it’s working, it’s just that you had unrealistic expectations



Haley Smith Transformation


3. Why do you want to lose weight?

Having a reason why you want to lose weight is one of the most powerful weight loss motivation tips you can use. Write down all the reasons why you want to lose weight


Read them daily as a reminder to yourself. This will keep you focused on your goal especially when things get harder. It can be as simple as looking good for an event.


Wanting to look better, or even losing weight so as to improve your health. According to research, having a goal from within is one of the best ways to keep yourself motivated to lose weight.


That is the story of Haley Smith, months after her engagement she had enough and wanted to transform her body.


For her the reason was to look good in her wedding dress. She just couldn’t stand the weight anymore. She started by eating healthy and slowly incorporated weight loss exercises into her routine.


The result, an amazing 110-pounds weight loss in 1.5 years just before her wedding.


Eating healthy doesn’t have to be something you hate, it just means making better choices when it comes to the food you eat. Start small, switch out the junk and sugary foods for whole foods


Replace breakfast cereal with high-protein foods such as eggs or high-fiber oatmeal.



4. Keep a weight loss journal

Have you ever thought to yourself, I eat healthily but just can’t seem to lose weight?


If you have, you certainly are not alone. Many of us tend to overestimate just how healthy our diet is. This is because looking back from memory we tend to forget all the small stuff that adds up.


This is why keeping a food journal or weight loss diary is one of the best ways to motivate yourself.


Write down everything you eat in a day. Even the healthy snacks you have in between meals. Note down all the drinks too as those liquid calories might not seem like a big deal but they add up.


This will give you a clear picture of just how healthy or unhealthy your diet is.


In addition, with this information, you’re better equipped to determine which areas you can change.



Kassidy Weight Loss Transformation


5. Just get started

Don’t talk yourself out of starting your weight loss journey. Whether you’re new mum, just got married, still in college its always the right time to start losing weight.


Don’t give yourself an excuse as to why you’ll do it the next time or next month. Start where you are with all the inconveniences of life be it work, life, or a very conflicting family schedule.


That’s what Kassidy Lande did.


After having her baby and realizing just how unfit and unhealthy she felt, she decided enough is enough and it’s time to do something about her weight.


She started by eating healthier and slowly incorporated weekly cardio as part of her weight loss plan. Within 1.5 years, her efforts had paid off as she had lost 130 pounds.


What led to this amazing transformation is that she didn’t give herself any more excuses. She just got started



6. Ditch the scale

When you want to lose weight fast and you’re doing all the right things.


You will find often find yourself on the scale, weighing and checking just how fast your progress is. However, that weighing scale can be deceiving and will often times demotivate you.


This is especially worse if you do it daily.


You will often not see the results you hope for and most times this can really throw you off your weight loss journey. Weight yourself but not daily or so often.


Keep in mind that while for some people it’s easier to lose weight for others such as those with an endomorph body type it’s much harder to lose weight.


You might feel frustrated when you don’t see the numbers you wanted on the scale, don’t give up just yet



Cristina Diaz Weight Loss Success


7. Choose a plan that works for you.

There are many best ways to lose weight, however just because something works for me that doesn’t mean it will work for you.


For some people having a plan that involves intermittent fasting is best as they can still cut calories without so much hustle. However for some, a diet plan such as the ketogenic diet or paleo is much easier.


This is exactly what helped Cristina Diaz achieve her amazing 100-pound transformation.


After doing some research, she started using the Paleo diet, and soon she could see the results of her hard work. That together with 15-minutes of exercise on the elliptical was enough to make her start losing weight.


With these new changes, she was able to lose 50-pounds in 4 months



8. Celebrate and read yourself

5-pounds down or 30-pounds down, celebrate yourself with any progress made.


These small steps are the ones that lead to that one major change you wanted. It’s important to acknowledge and reward yourself whenever you feel you’ve made progress.


This will motivate you to achieve more as you will look forward to the next milestone.



Weight loss success stories


9. Choose a weight loss exercise plan that you enjoy

When you’re trying to lose weight fast, exercise should always be an option.


Adding some sort of weight loss exercise to your daily routine is of the best things you can do.Not only are you burning extra fat but also helps tone your body as you lose weight.


However we know that not all exercises are made equal.


While some people enjoy running, others prefer walking for weight loss. It’s all up to you, choose something that fits into your schedule and is easy for you to stick to.


Not only will this give you motivation but also it will make your weight loss journey much easier.


This is exactly what Sarah Beslyer did for her 120-lb transformation Realizing that she couldn’t keep up with her children anymore. She decided to take up the beach body workout to burn fat and lose weight.


Since this was something she enjoyed doing, it was much easier to keep going, and pretty soon she had the results she wanted. She lost 50-pounds in just 9-months of getting started.



10. Address emotional baggage

Part of motivating yourself when it comes to weight loss is also learning more about yourself. For most people, stress is a major trigger for overeating and overindulgence.


Is that the same case with you?


To come up with an effective plan, you need to identify if there are any emotional obstacles that made your gain weight and deal with them too.


This makes you better prepared for all any triggers you might face along the way. Besides, this will help you maintain the weight loss long term.



Rachel Graham Transformation


11. Aim for progress, not perfection

On your weight loss journey, each day will feel like a  constant battle between adjusting to new habits or getting back to the comfortable familiar habits.


That is why it’s important to aim for progress.


You’re bound to give in to temptation now and then but don’t let that define you. Focusing on your progress helps you stay motivated as you can see how far you’ve come


This is the weight loss motivation secret that led Rachel Graham to her 90-pound transformation


Rachel says she struggled with her weight pretty much her whole life, she was always too thin or too big. She would never find the right balance with food, she was either starving herself or binging.


But all this came to a stop when she realized, there was no quick fix


She started by tracking her food and calories just so she eats enough. After noticing the changes, she started to include walking as part of her exercise.


She eventually herself a Fitbit and transformed her life with small and steady progress.



12. Stay committed

When it comes to weight loss, your results will speak for themselves.


Stay committed even after you fail, stay committed even after it seems like it’s not working and stay committed even after you achieve your goal.


Without commitment, you will not be able to anything no matter how small or big your goal might be.



Cookie Miller Weight Loss


13. Talk to others about your goals and find some support

Losing weight can be very challenging especially if you have no one supporting you. Whether it’s your close family or friends, it’s important to let people around you know about your weight loss plans.


They can help you keep on track and avoid temptations


What’s more, a weight loss buddy with the same goals as you can help you stay motivated.  You will find that it’s much easier to share your struggles with someone else than doing it all by yourself.


This is exactly what helped Cookie Miller achieve her 70lbs transformation.


After being diagnosed as pre-diabetic due to her weight. She knew she had to do something. Determined to do it right, she started daily workouts but she couldn’t keep up and gave up after three weeks.


It wasn’t until a friend invited her to a running group.


The support she received from the group kept her going back and she soon signed up for her first 5k.  Within one year she was down 40 pounds.


She credits her transformation to having a support system that kept her accountable and motivated her daily.



Final thoughts on weight loss motivation secrets

When you’re trying to lose weight, staying motivated will help you achieve your goals and maintain the weight loss even after you’ve achieved your goals.


You can keep yourself motivated by remembering why you started, working with a goal in mind, setting realistic expectations, choosing a weight loss plan that works, and celebrating your achievements along the way.


These are the secrets to staying motivated as you face setbacks and challenges on your weight loss journey.



13-Best Weight Loss Motivation Secrets To Use Daily