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8 Ways To Increase Your Willpower to lose weight

Finding the willpower to lose weight

Willpower to lose weight is all about the discipline it requires to make the right choice with the foods you eat. As you only have so much willpower to go around daily, limit the number of decisions to make regarding your weight loss goals. The more decisions you have to make to lose weight, the more willpower you use up. Whether you want to lose 2 pounds in 2 weeks or lose 250 pounds, it’s all the same. Use your willpower only when you need it most. To achieve this, use strategies such as;

  • Shopping with a grocery list.
  • Weekly meal planning, this way, you don’t have to think about what to eat right before your meal.
  • Meal prepping, why cook every day when you can make food in batches to last you through the week.

In addition, remove all possible temptations, this way, you don’t have to struggle not to eat what is before you. Simple weight loss tips such as keeping junk foods out of sight. Here, we share with you how to find the willpower to lose weight. Use these tips to make losing weight as easy as possible.

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Willpower to lose weight

  • Meal plan
  • Prep your meals in advance.
  • Carry packed food to lunch.
  • Use meal delivery services
  • Shop with a grocery list.
  • Use portion control containers.
  • Have healthy snacks on hand
  • Use fitness subscriptions
  • Exercise at home
  • Get rid of junk food
  • Reduce stress
  • Find support
  • Keep busy.

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1. Come up with a meal plan.

Avoid having to think about what to cook right before a meal by creating a meal plan. With a meal plan, you can think about the right foods y to eat beforehand. This way, you can choose more filling and nutritious foods. In addition, this will save you time. With a busy schedule, the last thing you want is to spend 30-minutes deciding what to cook. Lastly, with a meal plan, you have time to shop for all your ingredients beforehand. There’s nothing worse than getting ready to prepare a meal only to realize you don’t have all the ingredients.


2. Prep your meals in advance.

Why cook daily when you can cook your food in batches that will last you through the week. While this might seem like a lazy hack to lose weight, it works so well. Besides, this is a great way to avoid overeating as it forces you to watch your portion. With food in your fridge, there’s nothing to think about. Meal prep over the weekend when you’re less busy.


3. Use portion control containers.

We know that you need to eat less to lose weight. However, this can be very challenging when all you have are oversized dinner plates to use. Instead, invest in smaller dinnerware. This way, you don’t have to struggle with the right portions when serving your food. Also, consider serving your food in bowls. This is one hack that the Japanese have used to ensure that they eat just the right amount of food, and you can too.

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4. Bring packed food for lunch.

Lunch can be one of the most tempting meals when you’re away from home or at work. Avoid the temptation of fast food or restaurant meals by bringing your own packed food from home. Not only will this save you money but also help you eat healthier. With homecooked meals, you know all ingredients used, and you can control the portions. Make use of these portion control containers to ensure that you’re serving yourself the right amount of protein, carbs, and veggies. Also, if you love to snack at work, carry healthy snacks from home. Consider high-protein filling snacks such as; hardboiled eggs, nuts, or cottage cheese. Or better yet, snack on fresh fruit instead.


5. Use meal delivery services.

If you hate cooking, why not consider meal delivery services. Unlike restaurant foods, the right meal delivery such as; Bistro MD ensures that your food is prepared in a healthy way to help you lose weight. This way, you don’t have to struggle to prepare food if you hate cooking or don’t have the time for it. Besides, you can also customize your meal plans. Hav the meals delivered to last you a whole week or weekdays only.


6. Shop with a grocery list.

Shopping with a grocery list is one of the best ways to avoid overusing your willpower at the grocery store. Writing down your list gives you enough time to think about which foods you want to buy and also consider if they’re good for your weight loss or not. This way, you don’t spend precious time strolling down the isles looking through to see what you need and don’t need. Also, if you meal prep, a grocery list ensures that you get all the ingredients you need for your weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly meals.

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7. Exercise at home.

Exercising should be a fun activity you look forward to, not something you dread. Consider all your options with exercise to make the experience enjoyable. If you find it hard to exercise outdoor, then consider exercising at home. With fitness equipment such as a rowing machine, you can burn as many calories in the comfort of your own home. Besides, having your fitness equipment is convenient. If you prefer walking, then don’t force yourself to run. Also, consider what time is best for you. Don’t force yourself to exercise at night if you prefer to exercise early in the morning. Only choose exercises you love doing.


8. Get rid of junk food.

Nothing tests your willpower more than having foods you can’t eat at the moment. You will find yourself obsessing about those chocolate chip cookies or that last piece of cake in the fridge. Clear out your pantry and fridge of any tempting foods to avoid this situation. Ensure that these foods are not only out of sight but also out of reach. This way, you’re less likely to crave or want these foods.


9. Reduce stress

Stress affects your hunger regulation hormones. When you’re stressed, your hunger hormone increases and hence the urge to eat. Find better ways to deal with stress instead of turning to food. Use techniques such as; breathing exercises, yoga, meditation when feeling stressed. While it might take time to break the cycle, using these techniques is a great way to learn how to deal with stress.

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10. Find support.

Those around you can have a huge impact on your weight loss. Your environment and those around you will either help you or derail your weight loss goals. Let your loved ones know that you’re trying to lose weight and how they can help you. They can do this with words of encouragement, exercising with you, or helping you celebrate small wins. If you don’t have loved ones near you, then find support somewhere else. Consider joining weight loss groups near you.


11. Keep busy.

When you have to eat less to lose weight, it can be very tempting to eat more in between meals. The only way to avoid this temptation is by staying busy. Find chores to do around the house, go for a light walk, or enjoy some sun outdoors. Or better yet, play a video or watch something to keep your mind busy. This way, you don’t have to use your willpower throughout the day when you’re bored

willpower to lose weight

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