Yoga poses for two people

How to improve your flexibility with easy yoga poses for two people

Yoga poses for two people are an incredible way to build trust and intimacy. I know it seems something a marriage therapist would recommend for married couples right?

Well that couldn’t be further from the truth, partner yoga isn’t just for couples or intimate partners

Many people such as friends, coworkers and even siblings can participate in these activities. Yoga poses for two people goes far beyond just building intimacy, it can also help you with your communication. When doing partner yoga you’re inviting somebody into a very personal space. You will need to learn how to communicate in a clear and concise way.

In addition, how fun is it to be able to mess up and laugh with someone as you try these poses. Yes, these are beginner poses but you won’t always get it the first time. This is a fun way to unwind with your friends and create great memories.

Here’s are some benefits of yoga you don’t want to miss out on

Easy Yoga Poses for Two People

1. Easy Seated Pose

Also known as the Supported Sukhasana pronounced as soo-kah-sah-nah.

This pose is commonly referred to as easy pose or decent pose as it’s very easy for beginners. It makes for a great beginning pose when attempting yoga poses for two people. This pose helps to establish a physical connection with your partner.

It allows you to sync with your partner and feel their energy.

How to do it;

  • Sit cross-legged back to back with your partner so you can offer support to each other.
  • With your hands placed on your knees press your upper backs into each other. Glide your shoulder blades down away from your ears to allow your body to fully relax.
  • Once relaxed partners can practice synchronized breathing. Opt for a double breath where you breathe in and exhale together. Option 2 is yin-yang breathing where one partner breathes in while the other partner exhales.
  • You can also take this time to talk to just sit in silence to allow your chakras and auras to sync.

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2. Seated Twist Pose

Seated twist is a great pose to incorporate into yoga poses for two people especially if you need spine support. As you’re using your partner as ” a wall” you’re able to maintain a straight spine. Unlike a solo twist, you’re able to hold it for longer and stretch deeper.

This pose is also great at stimulating digestion and abdominal organs.

How to do it

  • Start with an easy pose seated back to back with your partner.
  • Relax, inhale as lengthen your spine upwards
  • Put your right hand on your left knee with palms down.
  • Turning both your shoulders to the left, using your left-hand touch your partner’s right knee.
  • In this position, take a deep long breath together and exhale as you twist further to the left.
  • Maintain the position for 4-5 breaths and return to center and repeat again on the other side.

3.Easy Pose Side Bend Pose

Also known as Parsva Sukhasana

This easy yoga poses for two people is great for getting your body ready for movements. It stretches your body all the way from your fingertips to your hips. This pose also serves as a great natural remedy for relieving backaches and stiff necks

How to do it

  • Sit in easy pose back to back with your partner
  • With your right hand lightly touch the floor, as your partner does the same with her left
  • Do this with your sit bones grounded and still touching the ground.
  • Lengthen and stretch your left shoulder away from your hip without collapsing the right side.
  • With your left arm reach upwards and rightwards
  • Hold for 30- seconds to 1 minute, return to center and repeat on the other side.

4. Seated Forward and Supported Back Bend Pose

A great stretch for your spine and chest, the seated forward and back bend is a good pose for partners. It allows you to trust your partner as you need to work in complete unison to be able to do this pose. Relax and breathe

How to do it

  • Sit cross-legged with your backs touching
  • Stretch your arms upwards and hold your partner’s hands
  • With exhale and hands joined, lean forward as you pull partners arms up and forward.
  • This will allow your partner to inhale and open up her chest
  • Repeat as you switch roles

5. Easy Seated Pose Twist

Another easy yoga poses for two people that will work wonders on your hips, ankles, and knees. The twist will also relieve any tension in your body. In addition, this stretch increases flexibility for your spine, shoulders, and chest.

The twisting is also a good way to stimulate digestive organs and kidneys. This is why this pose is recommended for those doing body cleanses or detoxification

Regular practice of this pose will open up your hips and align your spine.

How to do it

  • Seat facing your partner cross-legged with your knees touching
  • Using your right arm reach out towards your own left waist
  • Using your left arm extend out towards your partners left hand
  • On both sides join hands with your partner
  • With both hands joined, inhale as you lengthen up
  • As you exhale gently tug on your partners backhand as you rotate
  • This will open up your shoulder
  • Inhale to lengthen and exhale to rotate
  • Release back to center and do the reverse.

Here’s more on how to do an easy pose with a twist

6. Partner Camel Pose/ Ushtrasana​

The camel pose can be physically challenging for most people. Here, you need to completely trust your partner. it’s a great way to work out your spine and at the same time open up your shoulders and chest.

It will also relieve any tensions you might be having in your neck or back. This pose is also a good natural remedy for relieving stress and anxiety.

How to do it

  • Facing away from your partner come into knee standing  position
  • Let your feet line up with your partner’s ankles so all four heels are in line
  • Start by supporting your back with your thumbs as  with your belly engaged
  • Slowly and careful lean back until you place your head on your partner’s right shoulder.
  • Push your hips forward to deepen the stretch
  • Keep your tailbone tucked down to protect your lower back area.

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7. Assisted Fish Pose

Also known as Salamba Matsyasana

The assisted fish pose is often challenging pose for partners. However, this pose is very exposing meaning it will stretch out areas that are oftentimes neglected. The fish pose engages your body from your neck, abs, shoulders, hips and back areas.

Not to forget your spine is lengthened with this pose improving its flexibility. In addition, as it opens up the lung and chest areas, it can improve breathing. This pose is a great natural remedy for relieving menstrual cramps and discomfort.

How to do it

  • Lay on your back with your knees lifted up together
  • Legs apart wt shoulder width level
  • Let your partner rest her back on your knees
  • Your knees should be about halfway up your partner’s ribcage
  • Let your partner slowly lower her head into your thighs
  • To deepen the stretch gently pull your partner’s arms.
  • Release slowly back to center and switch roles with your partner

8. Forward bend and Fish Pose

The seated forward bend is also known as Paschimottanasana. The forward bend is a great way to stretch your entire back. This pose is said to calm the nervous system and emotions.

This pose incorporates the benefits of the forward bend and the fish pose in one.

How to do it

  • Sit back to back with your partner
  • Make sure your tailbones are touching
  • Lower yourself back onto your partners back
  • To deepen the stretch hold hands and move together as your partners move into a forward bend position.

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9. Partner child’s Pose

The child’s pose is one of the many relaxing poses you can do when attempting yoga poses for two people. It’s named so as it resembles a fetal position this poses focus on relieving any back pain.

In addition, it strengthens the thighs, hips, and ankles. It’s also a good natural remedy for relieving fatigue or stress.

Performed with a partner this pose can create a soothing and intimate connection for both of you.

How to do it

To get into child’s pose
  • Have your partner sit on their knees with the buttocks touching heels of their feet
  • Place hands on thighs with their palms down.
  • As you exhale bring your chest between your knees and hands forward
  • Inhale slowly to return to the center position
Step 2
  • With your partner laying child’s pose
  • With your tailbones touching lower yourself onto her back slowly
  • Your whole back should be in contact with your partners
  • Extend your arms outwards or upwards for a deeper stretch

10. Corpse pose / Savasana

Pronounced as shah-VAHS-anna

The corpse pose is a relaxation pose that ends your yoga poses for two people sequence. It emphasizes relaxation as it allows your body to unwind. Even though considered a very easy pose.

It can be quite hard to master as it requires you to become aware of your body and mind. Done with a partner this pose can be very intimate and a great way to build trust.

How to do it

  • Start by lying down flat on your back
  • Make sure each side of your body aligns and rests evenly on the floor
  • Your ears should be the same distance to the shoulders on both sides
  • Now align your head next to your partner’s feet
  • If okay with both partners you can touch hands with palms aligning to each other.
  • Now relax your muscles and bones.
  • Calm your senses, thoughts and just relax

Seated stretch-Yoga poses for two

Things to remember before attempting yoga poses for two people

1. Always keep it clean

Come clean, take a bath, teeth brushed, hair tied up and ready. You’re working with someone else and getting intimate positions. Don’t come with the gym clothes you used yesterday.

You want your partner comfortable with you as much as possible. Don’t wear any perfumes just in case your partner has allergies.

2. It’s about teamwork

You need to work as a team to get through any yoga partner sequence. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been practicing yoga longer than your partner.

In partner yoga, you do need to forget about ego and be present with your partner. Allow your partner to work on your body as you work on theirs.

3. Communication is key

Due to physical differences between partners, what works for you might not work for your partner. Be clear and concise n your communication. If you feel uncomfortable in a position, speak up.

The only way yo work as a team is if both of you are comfortable

4. It’s never that serious

Your sense of humor is really needed here. Laugh it always lightens the mood.

You’ll trying to get your body into some weird positions that are guaranteed to make you laugh.

5. Skip the moisturizer

Yes, oh please skip the moisturizer, even the hand cream. You’re going to be working and possibly holding hands in some poses. You can’t really do that if your hands are all slippery.

For your own safety and your partners forgo the moisturizer.

6. No heavy meals before your yoga

Fun yoga

In conclusion

Partner yoga is for everyone. It’s a great way to break the ice with someone new or deepen the connection with someone you already know. It forces you to engage outside your comfort zone.

The most common benefits include building trust, intimacy, improve communication and flexibility. In addition, unlike doing solo yoga where you can be distracted by stress.

Partner yoga forces you to be present as you have to concentrate and be in sync with your partner.

Start off with easy beginner poses such as easy pose, seated twist and child’s pose. These poses are a great way to engage with your partner and feel each other’s energy.

You don’t have to be a professional to do these poses. That’s the best part so breathe, relax and have fun

Have you ever tried yoga with a partner? How was your experience

Easy Partner Yoga Poses